If you've looked into clairsentience power psychics online, you may have noticed that some mediums use crystals to enhance their abilities. Did you know that you can also utilize crystals, even if you don't possess well-developed psychic powers? You can use them for meditation, healing and even magical work.

What Spiritual Offerings Are You Seeking?

Before you try psychic readings with crystals, you must determine your end goal. Do you want to remove negative energies from your life? Is there a particular area of your life that requires healing? You'll need different gems depending on your answers.


Negative energy can clog your aura and weigh you down, making you feel sluggish or gloomy. Empaths especially struggle with this, as they tend to absorb other people's energy unintentionally. Fortunately, the right crystals can bolster your psychic shield with their protective properties:

• Black Obsidian: Attracts positive energy
• Black Tourmaline: Grounds by absorbing and purifying negative energy
• Smoky Quartz: Wards against stress


Meditation can be a powerful healing tool, as it lowers blood pressure, soothes anxiety and reduces stress. Many people incorporate crystals into their meditation to release blocks in their energy flow. For instance, individuals may place crystals on chakras connected to their spiritual struggles.

Crystals are also helpful in other self-care practices. Taking a bath, lighting candles and stretching are all great ways to care for yourself; adding crystals to these activities can help by reminding you to focus on a particular need. The following are some of the most popular stones for self-care:

• Tiger's eye for motivation
• Rose quartz for self-love
• Citrine for happiness and creativity
• Clear quartz for an energy boost
• Jasper for nurturing

Enhancing Psychic Powers

Due to their influence over energy, crystals are excellent tools for enhancing certain psychic abilities. You can utilize them during tarot readings, remote viewings and pendulum readings to channel and amplify your powers. The following are the most commonly used during psychic practices:

• Labradorite to enhance intuition
• Moonstone to stabilize your energy
• Aventurine to overcome spiritual blockages
• Celestite to enter a meditative state
• Lapis lazuli to boost self-awareness

To harness these stones' power, wear them in jewelry, hold them in your hands or place them nearby when doing psychic work.

Read the Signs & Ask Questions to the Experts

Most crystal shops organize their wares by type, so finding the right stone should be relatively easy. If you feel lost or have questions about the best option for your psychic or magic work, don't hesitate to ask an employee. Many people working at metaphysical stores have psychic abilities or practice a form of magic, so they can offer advice. If the store doesn't have a particular crystal, the staff can usually recommend one that fulfills a similar function.

Once you have the right supplies, you can try your hand at pendulum psychic readings and other practices. If you feel overwhelmed or nervous, don't be afraid to speak with a professional medium who can guide you. Many people with psychic gifts love the chance to nurture abilities in others, so reach out to start your spiritual journey.

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