During a walk around the community pond today, I came face-to-face with Swami Charles, our name for a homeless guy who has more pearls of wisdom than you’d find at a convention of gurus. I commented on how lovely and elegant the swans looked. “As do the pigeons,” he responded. “Nature makes nothing but first class. Take time to see the beauty in a dandelion and you’ll stop calling it a weed. All plant-life has incredible purpose or it wouldn’t exist. There are no weeds, just beautiful flowers.”

Swami Charles then went on to explain how mankind creates self-imposed pain by dividing people into first-, second-, and third-class citizens. Nature only knows first class. And nature never intended for any of her species to be considered less than that—including human beings.

So follow Swami Charles advice and begin thinking of yourself and your fellow humans as first class. That’s not about feeling arrogant, but about adopting the attitude that you’re marvelously made from the top down and that you can help the world become a better place by showing others that they were made first class, too.

Think about flying under the banner of first class—you don’t even need to cash in any mileage to claim your seat.

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