Traveling is a long-standing dream of many people around the world. While some are lucky enough to fulfill their dream and tour their dream destinations, a lot has to stay back and continue to wait for that dream to come true. Most often than not, the latter is a result of finances. Traveling costs a lot, which is why Nanak Flights—a travel agency—has set forth.

Rishi Kapoor, the owner of Nanak Flights, himself is an avid traveler. Understanding the potential of this industry, and the point of pain of people, he decided to launch his own traveling agency where he offers the best deals on your favorite travel points.

Building the Bridge

Formed in 2013, Nanak Flights was a venture built to bring the best rates and traveling solutions to people who wish to tour on a budget. Unlike most such agencies, Nanak Flights also happens to be a TICO certifies agency making it a far more reliable alternative for traveling enthusiasts.

Rishi Kapoor had already been linked to this industry, however, from the backend of the game. He was an IT expert serving the retail and wholesale travel industry for about fifteen years. His partner, Saleem Akhtar, also had a lifetime of experience in the sales department of the same industry. Both the skills of these owners came in handy while setting up the new business venture. Saleem’s additional decade of experience in the renowned Emirates Airlines also added to the experience they needed to make Nanak Flights thrive.

The Nanak Flights Team

Two people, no matter how good they are at something, cannot run a business, let alone a travel agency alone. Nanak Flights has a team of 30 highly talented members with decades of experience combined. Nanak Flight’s team has been the backbone of this company and a key component in building the brand in Canada.

Striving For the Best

Nanak Flights has always strived to become one of the top and go-to travel agencies in Canada. Not only did they offer the best deals on flights, but also completed entire packages including hotel bookings and rented cars on destinations. This has also allowed the already growing business to receive excellent reviews, further building authority. Nanak Flights is known for excellent customer service, making your trip even more peaceful. They also offer a guaranteed reduction in price as compared to the market, which is yet another unique selling point of their business.

Pocket-friendliness is not the only reason why people prefer Nanak Flights in Canada. This travel agency offers custom tours and packages that you opt for as per your budget. This customization feature really made them the talk of the town. Furthermore, customers also get the chance to avail added incentives based on their travel packages.

Since the formation in 2013, Nanak Flights has received unparalleled growth, making them one of the topmost travel agencies to opt for among people in Canada. To book a cheap flight or to learn more about the thriving agency, visit their website,

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