What if God/Love/Universe got so concerned watching our path that we were sent a lifeline to remember who we always were? We are so distracted by media, the speed and noise of technology, medicines to numb us and with “how hard life is”. We do not often take that quiet time needed for us to connect to our inner self/our soul and the part of us that is connected not only to everyone else but to the Universe as a whole. THIS is what I feel Reconnective Healing IS and WHY I am so passionate about it. I feel God/The Universe DOES want the best for us and in order for us to rise above the chaos we have created we need to remember who we are. Reconnective Healing connects us with our true self and who we are. It helps us to get aligned with our Divine gifts and also enables us to access the healing abilities for ourself and others that we were born with but quickly forgot with the programming of the world around us.

This past weekend was one of the most transformational of my life and it is BECAUSE of Reconnective Healing. I re-took Reconnective Healing Levels I/II and got to meet Dr. Eric Pearl, one of my own personal Heroes of Healing. There were many personal reasons for re-taking Levels I/II before taking their other classes which I will share – I am very glad I listened to the Universe on that one! As my regular readers know Reconnective Healing is the modality of healing I practice that I am very passionate about. My work with Reconnective Healing is also one of the reasons behind my project to bring The New York Premiere of The Living Matrix to my town. Re-taking this class has given me a deeper understanding of the work and made me even more passionate to support it. Many of my classmates including myself and my three friends experienced physical, emotional and spiritual healings this past weekend. I want to tell you a little about my class experience and what this past weekend meant to me.

Why Take Level I/II AGAIN?

“The Reconnection — a form of Healing Like No Other” tells my story of taking Levels I/II the first time. It was QUITE the experience. I had read Dr. Eric Pearl’s “The Reconnection” and had 2 Reconnective Healing sessions done as well as “The Reconnection” before the seminar the first time — one might think I was well prepared for what I was about to encounter. :-) Nope, not even close. There is SO much life changing information given in that time about healing. The actual practice of the work itself also is mind blowing and awe inspiring. Digesting and processing this all in 20 hours over the weekend was A LOT for me. While I have been practicing since taking the classes in November — I KNEW I would get a lot out of it re-taking it. I love this work. As a practitioner, I had many questions and to be away at a seminar with Dr. Eric Pearl seemed like the perfect place to get them answered. BOY DID I!

The first time I took the seminar I went alone in NYC. This time I went to Rhode Island with three girlfriends. My friends have seen the remarkable changes in my life since I began the work and they also resonate with Reconnective Healing. Needless to say attending with three close friends deepened the experience. We were able to talk about the classes afterward, ask each other questions, practice and laugh, laugh and laugh some more. Honestly my cheeks hurt Saturday night from laughing so much — not a kind of pain I mind!

The other reason I wanted to retake the class was to meet Dr. Eric Pearl in person. While ALL Eric’s teachers are thoroughly trained and excellent I had a curiousity to learn directly from Eric. Eric’s book, “The Reconnection” resonated very deeply with me as did this work that I have been doing since November 2008. There was something exciting and calling me to meet one of my heroes and the man that is traveling over 45 weeks a year to bring this all over the world. I am so very grateful I did.
The Seminar

On Friday night, Eric Pearl gave a presentation on “The Essence of Healing”. All Reconnective Healing Practitioners (there are over 60,000 worldwide now) as well as all people attending the classes could bring friends and family for free with pre-registration. Eric presents up to date information about healing and explains the history and basics of Reconnective Healing. Eric also demonstrates a healing with an audience volunteer. Eric, from the second he walks on stage has a MAJOR presence.

Dr. Eric Pearl

When I think about Dr. Eric Pearl, “authentic” is the first word that comes to mind and “hilarious” is the second. There are many more: brilliant, conscious, professional, kind, sarcastic, stern, present, quick witted, direct and passionate to name a few. He has a HUGE personality and I cannot imagine anyone ever forgetting Eric Pearl. :-) While passionate, very serious and professional about this work, Eric also clearly understands (and repeats) the importance of “Remaining Childlike”. This advice was given to him by Dr. Deepak Chopra as he was seeking answers early on in this work. Eric’s humor is brilliant and there were MANY times he had the whole class of hundreds of people ROARING with laughter. He is simply one of those people that can crack you up again and AGAIN. :-) This combined with his authenticity made him in my eyes even more impressive than imagined. His professionalism is to be applauded. From Eric’s teaching staff who are kind and intelligent to the flow of his class — it is evident Eric has been doing this a long time and it still means the world to him. We had a mini crisis with the convention center at one point and I still do not fully grasp how it was handled so quickly – he KNOWS how to run a Seminar. He also is quick to say this work is “not about him”. He is not looking to be worshiped. He says after we leave that room we can ALL do the work as well as he does and continually lets you know how important ALL the practitioners are. Meeting Eric and learning from him for three days was a gift and experience I will never forget.

Seminar Days 1 &2

The Reconnective Healing class Levels I/II are 10 hours each on Saturday and Sunday. There are seats on one side of the room with a stage in the middle and massage tables on the other side of the stage so we can see the teachers at all times. When we are seated we are learning about the latest scientific research, general information, the history of and philosophy that is Reconnective healing as well as learning exercises that we will practice when we go to the tables. The seminar also gives very useful information about beginning your own practice. When seated there is also time for Question and Answers. When at the massage tables we are working with these frequencies immediately. Dr. Pearl and MANY Assistant Teachers were walking around working with and guiding each of us as we practiced the exercises. the tables and help us as we practiced and got practiced on. We quickly switched and took turns so everyone got equal amounts of time during every exercise. During Reconnective Healing there are many “registers” (involuntary body movements that occur indicating there is a communication exchange taking place). Seeing these is confirmation early on that it is indeed working and that we are all doing this work. During breaks, lunch and after class it is amazing to share these experiences with others. The energy in the room is palpable. To look around the room and see all the different physical responses is nothing short of mind-blowing. To then talk about it with over hundreds of classmates or at the hotel with my friends (and a woman we met there and hung out with the whole time) to rehash everything made it even more special.

There are MANY healings taking place in class over the weekend while we practice. People report physical, emotional and spiritual healings on the second day and there are always plenty. I received a few healings myself that I am happy and excited to share with you.


So what do I experience during Reconnective healing sessions? When someone is working with or facilitating a session for me I feel this deep sense of peace and love emotionally. Physically, I feel the three most common registers almost every time: 1) Rapid Eye Movement — yeah, QUITE strange when you are fully awake 2) Increased saliva and swallowing and 3) My breathing slows considerably similar to a deep meditative state. I also feel tingles in my hands and sometimes in other body parts like my feet or arms and sometimes twitching in my hands or feet. I also sometimes feel warmth or cold and my stomach usually feel this rippling sensation and occasionally it growls. These are just a FEW of the registers — many people experience visuals, auditory or other sensations. Each session is different and these are the sensations I have experienced SO FAR — who knows with this work what is possible… can’t wait to find out! Maybe my daughter’s insistence that she will levitate someday is NOT out of the realm of possibilities! :-)

Hearing clients over the last few months talk about all the beautiful images and visualizations they have experienced has definitely made me wonder (yes, and hope) that someday I would also see something while in session. I had my first visual experience this past weekend. I saw quite clearly but briefly SEVERAL very real life photographic pictures. The one I most clearly remember was a picture of a Ferris wheel and fair. My children were at a fair 4 hours away at the time. Yes, it seemed like the one they were at and I FELT like it was the one they were at but it was too quick to be sure. I also received 2 emotional healings.

The first emotional healing I received was after Eric had said something that deeply resonated with me. He talked about stepping into the “knowing” of this work. Not second guessing, not wishing for a certain outcome, not feeling like it is at all about YOU…. just knowing that this works, Period. Knowing also means being grateful for this gift we are able to assist others in receiving. After a practice session when I was lying on the table as a client being I KNEW what he meant. Not only that but I KNEW I had just stepped INTO that knowingness. I felt it deeply and still do. I had definitely been having a hard time “letting go” of certain outcomes for some clients – but that is EGO talking and that can get in the way of the work. I am not the one DOING the healing — I am one of 60,000 telephones that allows the healing to be accessed.

The second healing I received is also one I am still feeling and WOW do I hope it is here for good! Since I have been back home I feel as if I am in that deeply meditative state all the time – yes ALL the time. It feels like it would be an effort for me to feel a strong negative emotion — so why bother? I feel made of love and VERY present. Coming home to thousands of emails and messages to return would normally have me in a state of panic and overwhelm. Instead I am calm, doing what I can do, making lists, choosing conscious time to be with my family and really enjoying every second of my day. When I look at my kids, my family, my friends and anyone I come in contact with I feel love and gratitude deeper than I have ever experienced before. I am not saying I will never get aggravated again — I am human and I am pretty sure at some point something will get me riled up. ;-) BUT I hope not! It seems what I gained in this healing was a better understanding of what “being in the now” means and that I ALWAYS have a choice of how I will react.


This weekend deepened my love of Reconnective Healing as a practitioner and made me realize I want to support the work even more than I have been. I want to take more classes. In Level III you learn how to facilitate “The Reconnection” and I would also like to be a Practitioner Mentor/Teaching Assistant so I can speak and educate people about this work. I feel blessed to have had the experience I had this past weekend for so many reasons. Meeting and learning from Dr. Eric Pearl was phenomenal. Processing the weekend with three close friends and one new amazing one as well as my classmates truly deepened my experience. I am more in love with life and every second in it and I have Reconnective Healing to thank for that. If you want to learn more about Reconnective Healing please visit their site. There are seminars all over the world going on almost ALL the time. This work is New, Different and Real. This work is important and has once again changed my life. If you want to experience Reconnective Healing personally I do facilitate distance or in person sessions in Oneonta, NY. You can visit my Reconnective Healing Practitioner page for more information or send me an email. If you want an in person session in your area — please visit The Reconnection site to ensure you have a licensed practitioner. I am so honored to be a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and so happy to share my experience with you. As always I welcome comments and questions and experiences. If you or anyone you know will be near the Oneonta, New York area on Sunday, August 30, from 3PM – 6PM, please tell them about The New York Premiere of The Living Matrix movie. It is shaping up to be an unforgettable evening. Thanks, as always for your support and for continuing to follow me on my journey to health in ALL aspects of my life. :-)

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Jenny Mannion is a mind body mentor and a Reconnective Healer. After healing herself from diseases that were "incurable" Jenny found her love for healing. It is Jenny's belief that anyone can heal from within. Hr blog Heal Pain Naturally spotlights MANY different modalities and teachers so that anyone can find something that resonates with them. Jenny makes herself very available to her her readers for questions and comments.