Headaches…we all get them, and they’re not much fun. Often our headaches are a result of stress, anxiety, anger, frustration and other negative emotions. A bad day at the office or a confrontation with a spouse or child can lead to an aching head and a general feeling of misery.

headache Frequently our reaction to a headache is to take a couple of Tylenol or aspirin and lay down in a dark room, hoping that the pain will pass quickly.

Luckily for all of us, EFT is amazingly effective for headaches, and a couple of rounds of tapping can often completely eliminate the pain.

It’s always best when working with EFT to be specific in what you tap about, such as “Even though the boss really stressed me out today and that made my head start to pound…” or “Even though _________ really aggravated me and made me angry and now my head hurts…”.

Since I’m trying to give folks a generic starting point, a script that they can change and tailor to their own needs, the script below is more general. Please don’t be afraid to replace my words with your own, specific to the situation that caused the headache.

Tapping Script For a Headache

Karate chop:

  • Even though my head is pounding and that really hurts, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.
  • Even though my head hurts so much that all I really want to do is lie down and close my eyes, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.
  • Even though my headache is so bad that I can’t stand the pain, and all I want is for the pain to stop, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself, and I’m open to considering that maybe this tapping stuff can stop the pain.

Eyebrow: My head is hurting SOOO much
Side of eye: I can’t think straight when my head hurts like this
Under eye: All I can think about right now
Under nose: Is making this pain stop
Chin: My head feels like it’s in a vice
Collar bone: And that vice is squeezing it tighter and tighter
Under arm: The pain is making me miserable
Top of head: And I’m ready for some relief.

Eyebrow: This tapping stuff looks kind of silly
Side of eye: But maybe it will help, so I’ll keep tapping
Under eye: Starting to let go of anger that might be causing this pain
Under nose: Letting go of frustration too
Chin: Releasing any stress that might be hurting my head
Collar bone: And allowing my body and mind to relax
Under arm: Continuing to release all the negative feelings
Top of head: That might be causing this headache.

Eyebrow: Breathing out anger, frustration and stress with every breath
Side of eye: Breathing in peace, relaxation and healing
Under eye: Releasing the tenseness in my head and body
Under nose: And starting to feel better as I do that
Chin: Releasing all the negative feelings that may have contributed to my headache
Collar bone: And feeling more relaxation and less pain
Under arm: With every breath that I take
Top of head: As I moving toward healing and inner peace with this headache.

Author's Bio: 

Pat Burns is an EFT practitioner in Tallahassee, Florida specializing in working with those with self esteem issues, inner child issues and adoption related issues. Contact Pat at pat@seeking-serenity.com or visit her website at http://seeking-serenity.com.