Isn't it grand being a woman?

In all my decades of years I don't think I have ever wanted to be man. (Well, except when I am hiking or skiing)

I think we are really special beings. I also believe we don't give ourselves enough credit when credit is due.

And what do we say when someone says 'Thank you for all your hard work' we say, 'Oh, it was nothing'.

What do we say when someone says to us "I just love your outfit" we say "I got such a good deal on this, with a coupon and it was a great sale!"

What might we say instead? "Why thank you very much." Period. This person is giving you a compliment and we let it slide off like water off a ducks back.

First, we have to appreciate ourselves for all our gifts and our worth. We can't expect others to do that for us, women or men.

Take a good look at all you do.

You take care of children and if you're like me you cry when they succeed no matter how small, and for their friends or even strangers ( I cry at the Olympics all the time!) I always cry at happy events, but it's because that is how happy I am. I'll bet you do the same thing.

You take care of others, often at the expense of yourself. Possibly your children, your parents, other family members and friends.

You are there unconditionally if needed. And you love unconditionally, even if you are angry or sad. The love still remains.

One of your strengths that I suspect is growing stronger every day, is you're feeling or believing you don't have to compromise. You can and you will say 'no.'

Yes, we may compromise about what restaurant to go to or what movie, but I mean compromising your values or your belief systems.

You stay strong on those even if you haven't done that earlier in your life.

You have inspired many people in your many years. You inspired them to be better, stronger, to stretch beyond that box or that glass ceiling. Just because they haven't told you, they know.

My wish for you? My wish for you is that you appreciate all the wonderfulness about you. I want you to appreciate how remarkable you are.

Don't ever forget your worth. And don't ever, ever let anyone take that away from you, no matter how much they try.

You are strong. You are a women.

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