Alternative medicine is a term we all use today to help us heal in an holistic way. Complementary and Alternative medicine is a term used to outline many practices that are not yet part of our medical care system. This does not mean that alternative medicine doesn't work. Alternative medicine can help patients in many ways both physically and mentally. It can be used alone or additionally with mainstream treatments such as medication and physiotherapy.

I suffer from panic attacks that seem to have increased in intensity as I have aged. I prefer to do things in a natural way being an advocate of 'all things healthy'. I have tried other forms of complementary therapy such as hypnotherapy, acupuncture and various herbal teas and scented oils. Although they have worked in the short term they do not last forever.

My attacks were becoming more frequent and totally exhausting. Not to mention embarrassing if they happened in a public place. They are unpredictable, uncontrollable and leave you in a hot, sweaty heap unable to breathe at a normal rate. This, of course, is extremely bad for your health.
I happened to overhear a conversation at work, between a good friend and a customer about Pranic healing. I had never heard of it before. I was listening and intrigued. But there is only a certain amount of time you can hang around, pretending to mop down a table whilst nosing into a conversation. I did a bit of research at home and found a local Pranic healer. At this point I was willing to try anything new to stop these uncontrollable 'sweaty heap' moments of panic.

What is Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is an holistic medicine that re-energises the body to balance and harmonise. It is a very powerful and effective way to remove toxins, bad vibes and negativity. Rejuvenating the body with new, clean energy increasing natural self repairing that our bodies go through after injury or illness. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to try the alternative way to heal mild, chronic and acute physical and psychological conditions.

Vital energy comes from the sun, air and the ground we walk on. Our body has an aura that surrounds us and absorbs this vital energy to distribute around our physical body to keep us active and healthy. A lot of the time it is invisible to the naked eye, so we tend to doubt it's existence. Pranic healing takes this energy and uses it to alleviate suffering and pain physically, emotionally and mentally.

My Experience and Recommendation

After overhearing the conversation about Pranic healing and finding a local Pranic Healing Therapist.....I gave her a call and arranged an appointment. Having tried alternative therapies before I wasn't sure whether this would work to be honest. But once I arrived, the therapist put me straight at ease. She was so down to earth, I found it easy to tell her how these panic attacks made me feel.

I was pretty much 'blown away' with the first treatment. To start with I found it all a bit strange having never travelled down this route before. There is nothing physical to connect you with the healing, so you just don't know what to expect really. The therapist gives you no clue as to what is about to happen and to be honest, each person's experience is different to another, which she explained at a later date.

I was seated on a reclining lounger. I chose the music or background noise that I thought would relax me completely for the next 45 minutes. The therapist started the healing. I am not sure of the particular point in time that the healing started? All I know is that my eyes were closed, I felt relaxed and slowly colours appeared somewhere in front of me. Not just a few colours but an array of very bright and different shades on the same theme. I remember the mix of pink and mauve, probably the most, as I felt very calm when these colours appeared. There were some very pretty combinations of vivid orange, yellow and red.....that caused a mixture of feelings and the movement patterns of the colours changed. The pinks and mauves were like clouds passing, whereas the more vibrant red/orange colours were a swirling, circular-style tunnel movement. The clouds slowly passed by, but the swirls became deeper and more like a black hole. This, as I found out later, was the effects of negative energy being removed. I felt uncomfortable every time the black hole approached and relieved once the colours returned ........ and even more relaxed and a lot calmer when the clouds appeared in those clear, beautiful shades of pink and mauve. The whole experience felt as though it took 10 minutes, however the first session was over an hour.

I can be honest with you here.......and say that I didn't feel any different after the therapy or in the following days. But, I noticed a difference. In situations where I know I would have had a panic attack ...... I just didn't? I think the first event was a couple of days after my first Pranic healing session. I used to spend most of my time on the road. I had a Sat-nav, but the ‘stupid thing’ didn't always work properly and as I started at some unearthly time of day, I'd find that night-time roadworks often closed major routes. I took a wrong turn, in a city I didn't know, at 5am in the morning and I was on a tight schedule. This would normally cause a rapid increase in breathing, sweat pouring from my brow and a barrel of meaningless abusive language. Sounds funny right? ...... But it was always the start of an attack. I didn't even notice straight away that I actually just pulled over, re-keyed another postcode into my Sat-nav that was literally a couple of miles away, where I pretty much knew an alternative route. It was when I returned home and sat down with a coffee that it dawned on me. I then began to notice different events that had the same impact......It was a very happy time for me.

I continued with my therapy and each time I felt better. I began to worry during the first lockdown because I hate wearing a mask (as do most people). I was in a queue in a large supermarket. It was a hot day and the queue was not moving. I was struggling to breathe and of course, it was not the 'right thing' to pull the mask down. I tried to calm myself down ...... but panic attacks are uncontrollable. I had done so well for months and I was 'crushed' by this awful and again embarrassing experience in a public space. I still cannot go back into that supermarket to this day. I called my Pranic Healing therapist and because we were in lockdown, I was in a total panic and state of exhaustion. She calmed me down and performed a Pranic healing remotely. I honestly didn't think this was possible. But it worked. The colours appeared, the calm came again with the right colours drifting across in front of me and the serenity returned.

I am not a person who falls for all the tricks in the book but I am always willing to try anything that claims to better my health and well-being. I have tried to reenact the whole ambience of a Pranic healing with the right music, settings and scents. Although relaxing and calming .....the colours do not appear, neither does the feeling of energy entering or leaving my body. These are not physical or visible elements of healing, but part of the whole Pranic experience.

In conclusion:

This is my personal experience and recommendations. I have found an alternative therapy that has helped me combat panic attacks and improve my emotional and mental health. This practice may not suit everyone and each person's experience may be a lot different to mine. I would highly recommend this therapy and even though I have had only a small amount of therapy in the last 18 months, I now feel in control for the most part and I have integrated the healing with my own coping practices.

Author's Bio: 

Catherine is a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and founder of Healthy Forever Fitness Motivation.
Her mission is to help everyone stay active and live a healthy and happy life. Catherine promotes all things 'positive' and believes that all aspects of health can work together in harmony. A healthy body and mind, together with good nutrition will achieve optimal health