Chakra Activation Meditations
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We're going to focus on the CM Station, which stands for Chakra Activation Station. But here, I'm going to touch on basic Chakra information.

What are Chakras? Chakras are wheel-like energy centers in your body. Chakras are also a metaphor for the sun inside each of us. The sun is like a wheel of a great chariot blazing its path across the sky. Chakra, in Sanskrit, means wheel or disk. The round shape of the Chakras also represent eternal cycles, which are found everywhere: botany, the seasons, time, mathematics, frequencies, body systems, and the moon. The list could go on an on.

There are seven major Chakras that have been widely used yogic practices. Some esoteric traditions describe five, nine or twelve Chakras, but we will address the seven main Chakras. Chakras are becoming more known through the internet, books, seminars, yoga and metaphysical teachings. These spinning vortexes of energy are a main area of focus, when it comes to healing and energy work. When there is a block in any Chakra it can slow down the energy flow. When a Chakra is opened, it metaphorically opens like a flower, and is also called a lotus. Chakras can also become too open.

Chakras were first recorded in the oldest written Indian traditions known: The Vedas. Vedas means knowledges. The Vedas come from even older oral traditions of the Aryans.

The seven Chakras are like an internal energy gear system that exists in the subtle body, or aura, that is connected through the physical body into higher non-physical realms. The path of the Chakras is also known as the Rainbow Bridge, connecting heaven and earth, physical and non-physical. These seven Chakras are associated with the colors of the famous ROY G BIV colors of the rainbow.

Each Chakra is also associated not only with a color, but also, with a major nerve center, originating from the spinal column. Each Chakra is also connected to a sacred seed sound, the endocrine systems, levels of consciousness, gemstones, elements, and psychological functions, this list also goes on.

Together, the Chakras form a column called the Sushumna. It is the speedway connecting us with higher realms. The Ida and Pingala go around six of the Chakras like a double helix spiral of DNA, intertwined serpents, or interconnected infinity symbols.

Shakti, the feminine energy, or the Kundalini Serpent, rests coiled at the first Chakra. When all of our Chakras are awakened and open, Shakti energy rises up from the first Chakra to the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, until she reaches the seventh or the Crown Chakra. She is then united with her male consort, Shiva. This in turn results into Kundalini awakening of pure existence, consciousness and bliss. Every person is different, and will experience this Kundalini awakening in the way that is right for them.

There are different ways to open the Chakras: Chakra Meditations, exercise, sex, awareness of feelings in the Chakra centers, colors, energy work, healers, gurus, music, and even trauma, can encourage you to do the inner work to open the Chakras. If a Chakra is blocked or unopened it can affect other systems in the body.

Below I have included a chart with the Chakra Basics.

You may focus on the location, sound and color to activate the Chakras when meditating.

Let's go into more detail about each Chakra.

The Muladhara, or first Chakra, at the base of the spine, is connected to: the element of earth, adrenal glands, feet, legs, bones, teeth and the large intestine. It is the foundation of the Chakra system. It represents safety, survival, solidity, the physical and our connection with earth. Shakti Kundalini rests coiled up in the dense first Chakra. When it is open it will keep us grounded and prepared for growth in the other Chakras. It represents the stillness that can be found in each of us.

The Swadhisthana or second Chakra, at the sexual center, is connected to the element of water, ovaries and testicles, the circulatory system, bladder, kidneys, genitals and the womb. It represents creativity, playfulness and feelings. Moving up into the Swadhisthana brings us to the second Chakra, which symbolizes the number 2, relationships, and our connection with others. Through this chakra arises life creation, sexuality, desire, pleasure, and emotional attachment. It makes us aware of coming together with others and discovering the dualities within ourselves. We each have aspects of the feminine and the masculine inside of us. Balance is the key. It also represents the sweetness and desire that create movement within each of us.

The Manipura (in Sanskrit it means lustrous gem) or third Chakra, is located at the navel ~ solar plexus area. It is connected to the element of fire resulting in action, willpower, rage, laughter and joy. It is the Chakra of the pancreas and the adrenal glands, muscles and digestive system. The fire in the Manipura gives us passion that will be the guiding light on our way through the other Chakras. When it is open you will learn to trust yourself and others, be authentic, strong and vulnerable. You will learn to trust your gut so they say. Our power center is full of energy and transformation. Just as fire transforms wood to something different. The Manipura will transform you. When your fire is started, there will be no stopping it!

The fourth Chakra or Anahata is your heart center and is connected to the element of air. It also is the center of the Chakra system, and connects the lower and higher Chakras together. Its function is love, and the highest form of love, which is compassion. It is associated with the Thymus gland, lungs, heart, arms and hands. When the fire from your third Chakra cools down with the air element of your heart, the ember wills will be warm with love. This is our spiritual center and place of dropping the ego. This in turn will create wholeness, giving and acceptance. The love found in the fourth Chakra is not a sexual love, it is higher it is a spiritual love.

The fifth Chakra, Vissudha, found in the throat center, is connected to the thyroid, parathyroid, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and the element of sound. Its function is creativity and communication. This Chakra is where you will learn speak from your true self and create sound with the air element from your heart. Creativity will burst forth with the vibrations we create with our voice. Our body systems communicate within us, and when our fifth Chakra is opened, we will learn to speak with truth. This will move us toward the higher spiritual realms while we learn to really communicate with ourselves and others. This communication is crucial to give us structure when moving away from physical to the non-physical.

The sixth Chakra, third eye, or Ajna, is related to perception and intuition. Its element is light and is connected to our physically seeing eyes and the pineal gland, or the seat of the soul. It is just above the center of our outer windows to the soul. When you close your eyes, you will notice, there is not total darkness, but there is still light found within. This is the light of your sixth Chakra. With your eyes you may see outward, and when your third eye unfolds, you will see the inner workings of your true self. Light is a higher vibration than sound. We are moving up through the Chakras. When we imagine with a clear third eye, we can manifest by creative visualization. This is also where the Ida and Pingala meet on its journey up the Sushumna.

The seventh Chakra, Sahasara, or crown Chakra is associated with the element of thought. When this Chakra is opened, it develops into understanding and bliss. It is connected to the pituitary gland, cerebral cortex, and the nervous system. It is also known as the 1000 petaled lotus. When we reach the crown Chakra, it signifies, enlightenment, and the ultimate perception of beauty and understanding. It is the Chakra farthest from the physical world. We have passed through all the other elements to reach this place of higher illumination, enlightenment and knowing. These descriptions are only a glimpse into the bliss that you will feel when your Sahasara is fully opened and Shakti is greeted by Shiva!

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