My Ideal Marketing Partner.

My ideal online marketing partner is someone who is, first of all, willing to at least consider the concept of profit sharing by way of remuneration. There are enough of people out there only too eager to sell you a service – SEO, e-mail shots; video creation or what have you. The problem with this approach is that it is at best piecemeal and not co-ordinated. But the other problem with it is that I, the client, am supposed to happily take on all the risks, in the event of this service failing to increase revenue, while the service provider laughs all the way to the bank. That’s not partnership.

In a proper partnership, as I understand it, two or more people work together as equals and with the self same objectives. Those common objectives are to increase turnover and profits to the mutual benefit of all involved in the partnership. It is a win/win situation. What’s good for one is good for all. Each applies themselves honestly for the betterment of all.

They play different roles of course. In my case, as the doctor, I will answer all the client’s medical questions and provide them with whatever ongoing help, advice and support they may need until they are happy that all that can be done for them has been done. The Marketing Partner in the meantime is driving focused traffic to our website and maximising conversion or CRO as they call it. But both are working towards the common objective – increased turnover and profits for both to enjoy.

And the Marketing partner, what’s their role? While it isn’t really appropriate for me to have to spell this out in any detail, I would expect that my marketing partner would be able to address matters like:
• Website evaluation and ongoing testing and improving.
• Management of Google Adwords and Facebook advertising campaigns and analysis.
• Social Media management.
• Maximising my blogging and article writing.
• Critical analysis of all outgoing client copy and website copy.
• Website functionality and the introduction of automation software as appropriate.
• Outsourcing expertise as may be required.

That last item there is important. I recognise that no one person could possibly be expected to encompass all the skills needed to be the perfect Internet Marketer. What is important though I think is that we both recognise this and can quickly identify where there may be weaknesses and address these issues so as they can be corrected easily in an agreed and mature manner.

And so my quest for such a partner, residing anywhere in the world goes on. It’s not easy. Nobody is exactly knocking down my doors. Reason tells me that such a person must exist so until I find him or her I will simply persist. If this notion interests you then please contact me through my website. Thank you and good luck.

Author's Bio: 

I am an Irish medical practitioner working in Kildare outside Dublin. I specialise in Online Medical Consultation with a specialist interest in Sexual Medicine. Nowhere are people more vulnerable or so easily exploited as when they are suffering from something that’s hard to talk about and they are on the Internet trying to find solutions. I want to help these people in as honest and professional a way as I can.

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