I am fulfilled. It’s late, the sun has set and I lay here watching my wife. Every time I see her, not like you think, but every time I really see her, it reminds me of the joy that fills our hearts, the joy that fills our souls, and the joy that fills our Life. We spent our years living with joy, living in joy. There is no greater feeling than the feeling that has overcome me now. I am whole, I am complete in who I am, and I know that I am One. She told me at that seminar we attended together. Oh what a powerful seminar; and we learned more about our Selves than we thought we would; meeting our Selves, plus meeting Lifelong friends we never knew we had. We even found great material to use for our own classes that we taught through PPGI. But at that particular seminar, she told me, “I am Love.” This has been and is to this very second the focal point of my existence.

You see, Love is what drives me. It is my captain and I am it. It’s what gives me the strength to share my words with you now. Believe it or not, there are those that need my words. There is power behind my words and literally as I write this, the world is changing. It’s funny to think I have such power and yet, calming. I now understand what the meaning of Life has been all along, but within these words, you will not find it. This has been the greatest treasure I have given to all those I have and haven’t come into contact with, not the answer itself, but the power to find the answer in themselves.

Today is my birthday and once again I feel I must share the sense of fulfillment I am so blessed with. My family is my Life. The four beautiful souls she helped me bring into this world. They have a power known to them that is beyond words. They light up my every day; they are the sunshine that fills every room. Each of them has a power that is rightfully theirs and the gratitude behind their every action is filled with the sincerity and integrity of who they truly are. I like to believe we taught them that. The pride that courses through every cell of my body belongs to my entire family. The work that I have done, the people I have helped has been very rewarding, but the greatest gift she has ever given to me is my family. Anybody can love, but the idea of Love is much more. The power behind everything we ever have or have not experienced is the true definition of Love, and this doesn’t come from our actions. What allows growth is Love. It’s a powerful concept to grasp, and at the same time the most simple. But if Love were truly mine to give, I choose to give it to them.

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Jason is an inspirational developer of the human being. More information can be found at his co-founded business, Personal and Professional Growth Industries' website, www.ihavebackbone.com