The average North American spends up to 60% of their waking time in a sedentary position, according to a study posted on NCBI.

Our modern lifestyles haven’t made it any easier for our physical and mental wellbeing. At the office we’re anxious, stressful and uncomfortable to boot, and if these factors aren’t dealt with, sickness and pain are the result.

There are simple yet effective therapies and remedies which can provide the body with the means to heal itself. The first thing to address is the chair you’re sitting on. Sitting for up to 8 hours a day in a standard office chair puts pressure on your spine. It can lead to constricted blood- and nerve vessels, and your lot is pain, discomfort as well as problems with muscles, joints and discs.

One of the best purchases I made in 2017 was for an ergonomic chair, specifically the Argomax Mesh Office Chair. It’s super affordable at around $250, and IMO, beats a lot of the much higher end models in terms of ergonomics and durability.

Who is Argomax?

Argomax is a professional manufacturer of office chairs. I came to learn about Argomax after reading an excellent review of the chairs over at The review looks at both models of the Argomax Mesh, which you’ll want to compare before making your purchase.

For starters, not only is the Argomax chair functional, it’s good looking too. You can be sure the chair is going to be a big plus for you in your office in terms of being aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Back, neck or joint pains, headaches, stiffness and reduced flexibility – Arjomax respects the fact that you don’t want to involve a doctor and have a diagnosis of illness. The chair offers a solution – it can allow your aching body to heal itself and function optimally.

Exceptional Features of the Argomax

● Padded seat on a 5-point caster base.

● The chair has high-density net cloth so your body can breathe throughout the day. I think this is an important feature, because if you get hot easily, you’re going to find leather against your skin sweaty and uncomfortable. Mesh is far more breathable, and it is cool and comfortable to sit on. The fabric can be washed too. The back- and headrest is covered in the mesh material as well as seat and armrests.

● Back design of chair – 3 pieces – mid back, headrest and lower lumbar that contours to fit exactly the shape of your back.

●Long mesh backrest reinforced with glass fibre.

●Headrest – supports both neck and shoulders. Chairs without a headrest will result in stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

●Adjustable arms. The arm-rests go up and down, they turn in or out too, ensuring different positions for support. Model EM-EC002 comes with 3D Armrests. The beauty about these 3D adjustable armrests is that they move backwards and forwards and they swivel and this allows you to move your chair as close to the desk as you need.

● The task chair has one lever to set the seat height of the chair and to adjust the tilt function. While the chair can tilt back, it can’t be locked into position.

● Colour options – black only

● Assembly - easy to assemble – comes with spare parts and a tool for assembly – 10 mins to assemble

●Warranty and lifetime value – the Argomax comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


● built in lumbar support, height adjustable arm-, back- and headrest
● breathable mesh fabric – easy to clean


● not a marvellous warranty, after all there are ergonomic chairs which come with a life-time guarantee. But then I found that the chair was far more reasonably priced than others.

Weight Allowance of Chair:

Can accommodate people weighing up to 330 pounds. Both short and tall people can use the chair and be comfy and relaxed.

Final verdict on the Argomax

For me I’ve never been more happy with an office chair than the Argomax. The back shape and head rest fits the shape of my body perfectly, and I feel fully supported when laying on it.

There are some good and bad consumer reviews on this chair. Those looking for an affordable ergonomic chair that is easy on the eye and which focuses on good posture and support for your back will appreciate the Argomax.

With its uncluttered looks and excellent ergonomic features, both the Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair EM-EC001 and EM-EC002 come as highly recommended.

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Torsi is a professional blogger.