Is there a song in your heart waiting to be released? Do you sometimes struggle to express yourself when life throws you a curve ball?

Here is a list of ten tips for you to express yourself and use your creativity.

1. Keep music in your environment (car, house and work).
2. Pay attention to songs that speak to your situations.
3. Carry around a notebook or journal to reflect when you hear various music.
4. Make a list of your favorite songs and artist.
5. Become familiar with the benefits of music.
6. Use music for inspiration.
7. Use music to manage your mood, mind and emotions.
8. Research the historical uses of music.
9. Use music to identify your personality.
10. Pay attention to how your body responds to music.

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Use music to find Your Voice
The Power of Lyrics
Use music to manage your emotions
Music as Medicine
Academic uses of music

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Sonara Carter-Barber, a Recording Artist and Consultant who is passionate about how music is used as medicine. Her journey began in 1995 when she counseled individuals affected by the Oklahoma City Bombing. This led her to pursue a PhD in Expressive Arts Therapy with a focus on music. She conducted research on the Relationship between Music and Levels of Resilience during Crisis. Dr. Sonara found, inspirational music helped the Katrina survivors in Louisiana and Mississippi to become resilient.

Dr. Sonara’s has been in private practice for over 10 years. She specialize in teaching people to use Music as Medicine for creative expressions, growth and development. Her goal is to enhance one’s personal well-being while encouraging them to use music to tell their story.

Dr. Sonara also has conducts teleconferences on the use of music for healing and to tell one’s story. She is available for private consultations, public speaking, and can create customized programs to address the specific needs of groups and organizations.

Dr. Sonara lives by the philosophy that, “the more we invest now into the lives of others, the less we’ll be required to pay later”.

Dr. Sonara resides in Los Angeles, California.

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Skype: sonara.carter.barber