Multynet, the electronic brand, established not so long ago is creating buzz in the electronic consumer market with its techno advanced smart LED TVs. The Company’s vision is to be one stop shop which could cater to all the electronic needs of the customers, particularly smart LED TVs. Multynet, recently launched its three new series of smart LED TVs, the names of which are SU7, NX7 and QA7. All the series are instilled with almost same features with slight difference.

The different sizes of the smart LED TV series

The SU7 and NX7 series come in four different sizes of 32” inches, 43” inches, 50” inches and 55” inches. The QA7 series come in two sizes only, but these are largest of all the other series, 65” inches and 75” inches. The QA7 series gives you a full cinema like experience.

Some outstanding features of the smart LED TVs

The most important feature you look for in a smart LED TV, is its display and sound quality, if the visuals and sound of the smart LED TVs are not up to the mark then the experience of watching your favorite show would be ruined, Multynet considers it very seriously and instills the technology in their smart LED TV series which enables the best LED TV to project 4 K picture resolution images, the LED TV also has DOLBY audio feature, collectively both these features provide enhanced experience of TV watching to you.

The smart LED TVs are certified Netflix, YouTube and Prime video

All of the smart LED TVs have LED TV online feature and come with certified Netflix, YouTube and Prime video. Through this amazing LED TV online feature you can access all the best global content present on these international streaming engines. The global entertainment platforms have played a very important role in creating inter-cultural harmony.

The smart LED TV has built-in chromecast and few other features

Since, Multynet’s smart LED TVs are coming with built-in chromecast, the lives of the people has become much easier, particularly of people who love playing video games, as they can now connect any external device directly with the smart LED TV through built-in chromecast and don’t have to attach an external chromecast device. The smart LED TVs are also instilled with built-in Bluetooth, which can connect with five different devices at the same time. The smart LED also catches all the local frequencies and display them in best results, with its built-in satellite receiver and digital tuner.

The Voice control feature makes you feel like some magician

The smart LED TV series have voice control feature through which you can control the best LED TV through your voice, all you have to do is to utter the name of the show you want to watch on Netflix, YouTube, Prime video or anywhere, and it will be displayed on the smart LED TV screen, leaving you feel like some magician.
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The Company facilitates its customers in many ways

These are few of the many features that’s Multynet’s smart LED TV series possess. The smart LED TV price is very economical and market competitive making them an easy on the pocket purchase. Multynet facilitates you with LED TV online shopping with their actively working e-commerce store, now, the best LED TV in Pakistan is just a click away from you.

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