Moving is not only an exhausting experience for you. The moving chaos also causes stress and restlessness in your pet. 

When moving pets, avoiding stress should be a high priority for any pet owner. Do you want to have enough time for your four-legged friend on the day of the move? Are you looking for a professional Moving companies Calgary that will relieve you of the work ahead? Then you can contact the Calgary Movers team and ask about the moving costs - without any obligation and free of charge. With us you can move without stress.

As a rule, dogs cope better with the stress of moving than cats. You can spare your little family member from these negative feelings. How do you move with a pet without stress? We'll tell you the most important tips in this article.

Preparing to move pets

Along with traveling and visits to the vet, moving is one of the biggest stress triggers for pets. The unusual noise and the moving helpers at home unsettle the animals. You too can subconsciously transfer the stress to your darling. If you are hectic and nervous as a result of the moving work, your dog or cat will feel it.

If possible, organize care for the day of the move with a pet before you move. Ask someone from your family or friends - preferably someone who already knows your animal. If this is not possible, a dog sitter can step in. Otherwise, you can book a place in a boarding house. Rodents or birds should also prefer to stay far away from the moving chaos.

Relocate relaxed with a pet

Moving a dog or a cat is much more difficult than moving with other small animals. The disturbed everyday routine can cause anxiety, especially in dogs. Cats are just as sensitive and should be exposed to as few stress factors as possible on the day of the move. If you don't have a carer for your pet when you move, you should find a quiet room for your darling. Make sure you have enough food and water. A few treats, a toy or a beloved blanket will give your pet a sense of security.

On the day of the move, your head is pretty full and there is simply not enough time for your own pet. If you prefer to look after your four-legged friend yourself, a moving company can relieve you of the work. While the movers take care of your inventory, you can relax and take care of your animal. Take your dog for a walk or spend some quality time with your cat. This is how you reduce their fears.

Make the trip a positive one for the pets

Are all things packed? Then it goes now to the new apartment. The better your animal knows the car journeys, the easier it will survive the journey. Before you move, take your dog to a beautiful area often, let him out of the car and take him for a nice walk. In this way, your pet will associate the car journey with positive feelings and feel less stress on the day of the move. If the pet is still very restless in the car, ask your veterinarian about a sedative.   

If you are moving with a cat, think of a suitable transport box, which your pet is ideally already used to. It is best to transport your dog or cat alone. The animals deal better with stress when the owner is around. Take enough breaks depending on the duration of the journey. You should always have a box with your pet's things such as food, water, toys, medication, etc. close at hand. Rodents and birds can move in their own cage. Cover it with a breathable fabric and protect it from tipping over during transport.

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