There is a lot to consider when moving house. Moving heavy items, such as the washing machine and piano, obviously takes a lot of strength and energy, which means that this is outsourced more quickly. It also simply takes more attention, because many heavy items in the house need special treatment. In this article, we tell you more about the various heavy items in your home that deserve extra attention.

1. Moving refrigerators

Due to its weight and dimensions, a refrigerator is a difficult product to move. An empty refrigerator often weighs more than 50 kilos and the length of a refrigerator can also cause difficult situations. For example, it is sometimes difficult to get the refrigerator around corners and the risk of damage is enormous. Fortunately, the specialists at Calgary Movers Pro have extensive experience in this area. We pack and protect the refrigerator and move it via stairs or elevator, depending on the possibilities. Also when moving from location A to location B, we ensure that the refrigerator cannot move in our removal vans, so that no damage can occur here either.

2. Moving chairs, tables and benches

The same applies to chairs, tables and benches. Moving it can cost a lot of time, energy and strength. Our team consists of young and strong men and women who are happy to get this job done for you. We will of course pack everything carefully in advance, and then move it quietly to the removal van. In the moving van we make sure that everything is stable and that no damage can occur.

3. Moving Closets

Moving and transporting cabinets are often huge. Thanks to the dimensions, and the weight that is often involved, it is difficult to move and transport them without any damage and problems. Our team is happy to help you with this. We carefully empty all cabinets, so that everything remains intact (and so does our team) and pack the cabinets where necessary. We also ensure that the cabinets are not damaged during transport.

4. Pianos

Not everyone has a piano at home, but if this is the case with you, we would like to advise you to prepare well when moving it. A piano often weighs more than 300 (!) kilos and thanks to its colossal dimensions, transporting it can lead to complex situations. The Calgary Movers Pro team has extensive experience with this. To protect the outside of the piano during transport, it is always wrapped with blankets and then with stretch film. In this way the piano gets extra protective layers. Of course we don't want the piano to suffer any damage.


Thanks to a large fleet of vehicles, our Calgary moving service can serve more than 100 customers per week. All moving vans are equipped with professional moving equipment, such as a large stack of moving blankets, tension straps and rolling materials such as hand trucks and moving dogs. You can also switch on a pulley or moving lift on request . We are happy to serve you seven days a week without higher rates or weekend surcharges. Contact us to discuss your move and one of our advisors will assist you.

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