Sergey Berezutskiy - Twins Dining Establishment, 13 Malaya Bronnaya str., Moscow
The champion S.Pellegrino Cooking Mug 2014 as World's Ideal Young Chef, Sergey Berezutskiy, runs a stylish Moscow place "Twins" together with his brother, Ivan Berezutskiy. The young skill came to importance in the past number of years and is acknowledged today as one of Moscow's many wanted cooks. His dishes provide an eclectic blend of typical Russian food with the most up to date fads & unanticipated dressings. According to his own words, Sergey likes collaborating with neighbourhood seasonal products. Get Russia tour packages from Delhi at cheap price.
Every meal he chefs has an idea behind it. So, in the end, every guest obtains a tasty dish and an amazing feeling and memory.
Signature: Sergey likes to try out brand-new Russian food, so get ready for something unique. Just how around the mackerel with watermelon, beetroot, risotto, and Chechil cheese? Or maybe langoustines with smoked bark artichokes, zucchini portions of pasta, tomato consommé & a cool tartar sauce offered on a natural birch stump (see picture to the right)? You will remember this meal for many years to find!
Andrei Makhov - Coffee Shop Pushkin, 26А Tverskoy Blvd, Moscow
Cafe Pushkin is one of Moscow's tales. Many people think it has constantly been there, yet it was opened in 1999 in a Baroque Manson. The dining establishment has a stunning background, which began with the ideas of Gilbert Becaud's tune "Natalie," where he sings regarding Cafe Pushkin. After this track, many individuals were looking for Cafe Pushkin, yet it hasn't existed yet! Later on, it was established by Andrei Dellos and explained, 'Coffee shop Pushkin is an area our grandchildren will certainly visit.' The place of Tverskoy Blvd was chosen purposefully because the street played an important function in the life of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. The blvd was a favourite area among Moscow upper class, including Pushkin.
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Andrei Makhov is a magician, and he is the Local Head Cook of the coffee shop given that opening. He was also among the leading designers of the food selection, which offered dishes from Pushkin's times, both Russian and French and adjusted to modern times.
The Coffeeshop Pushkin has four various halls where you are welcome to enjoy lovely dishes: the pharmacy hall, fireplace hall, the library & the mezzanine, and the summer season terrace.
Signature: Time taking a trip to 19th century Russia. Given a huge variety of meal options, you can select conventional Russian food from cool appetizers to homemade treats, an enormous number of meats, fish and shellfish recipes, treats, as well as mini pies.
Vladimir Mukhin - White Bunny Restaurant, 3 Smolenskaya square, Moscow
Rated 71st out of 100 finest globe's restaurants according to the authoritative British magazine The Restaurants, the "White Rabbit" is an advanced Moscow restaurant focusing on Russian food. But do not expect to discover anything typical there. Even such a favourite meal as borsch is prepared by its unbiased cook Vladimir Mukhin in a new bold means with fried crucians, baked beans, and turnip crisps. Choose from the dining establishment's creative menu and enjoy your meal while overlooking a bird's eye scenic view of the city.
Vladimir is a fifth-generation chef.
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He started his career at 12 at his daddy's dining establishment. Then were the years of internship in eminence restaurants in Russia, France, Spain, and also Japan, the titles of the youngest chef in the Russian Guild of Chefs and also the best youngest chef in Russia, a cooking excursion in France, and also the opening of his restaurants. Specialists admit that Vladimir has his special gastronomic pattern. He masterfully incorporates the profound knowledge of Russian food with contemporary food processing innovations and is happy to present you with a new preference for Russia.

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