Morgellons disease is a much-debated condition. Doctors often think patients are faking or hallucinating because the illness is not listed in their reference books. It is purely self-diagnosed when people match their symptoms to the descriptions of other Morgellons sufferers. However, this could be starting to change. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, is studying self-reported Morgellons patients in Northern California, one of the more concentrated patient areas. They are attempting to determine the causes of the condition, its symptoms, and effective treatments in an attempt to get the Morgellons disease conquered once and for all.

Patients who suffer from Morgellons disease sometimes feel hopeless that they will ever find a cure for the horrible symptoms. The disease is characterized by the sensation of tiny animals creeping, crawling, stinging, biting, and scratching under the skin and fibers protruding from the skin. Skin lesions that will not heal are also very common with Morgellons patients. Most think this is a parasite-based disease. In fact, some patients have reported seeing small worms that came out of their skin or tunneling under the skin. They want Morgellons disease conquered no matter the cost. Dealing with these horrible symptoms is bad enough, but there are also many other symptoms reported by those who say they have Morgellons.

These symptoms include pervasive joint and muscle pain, debilitating fatigue, memory loss, lack of mental acuity, vision changes, neurological or behavioral disorders, and more. With all of these terrible symptoms, some patients become depressed and suicidal. They often are ostracized and cannot continue work due to the open sores that will not heal and the neurological symptoms of the disease. Some severe behavioral disorders such as Attention Deficit, Bipolar, Obsessive-Compulsive, and psychosis, have also been associated with Morgellons. To get these symptoms of Morgellons disease conquered, doctors often prescribe medicines that are used to treat delusional or psychotic patients or antibiotics that are not effective; they never work.

However, many Morgellons patients have found relief for their symptoms through a mineral supplement of true colloidal silver suspended in clustered water at extremely high concentrations. Two thousand times more powerful than most colloidal silver products, this substance starts to clear up mental symptoms within two weeks and skin lesions dry up and heal in two to three weeks. Patients are seeing Morgellons disease conquered through use of this product. Some report seeing the parasites quickly exiting the body in a major purge. They report mental clarity and short term memory restoration, as well as completely healed skin lesions and no more creepy, crawly sensations. From a ruined life to a second chance, patients are receiving their lives back after the healing of Morgellons symptoms.

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Russell Altman is a recognized expert in the field of Morgellons