Breakthrough ideas don’t shower most entrepreneurs when sitting in front of their computers. Inspiration hits like popcorn when in the woods hiking with the sun shimmering through leaves, running down a scenic path or painting a picture.
The Holy Spirit’s artistic flair flourishes most when you are childlike. When you are “being” rather than “doing”, God’s plan registers best.
You might be suspicious how these Kum Ba Yah moments boost profits, let alone how to find time experience them.
Having more recreation alone doesn’t grow cash flow. The magical smart work and high quality play does.
Your bank account combined with your overall life satisfaction signals if you’ve found the right mix. The buck stops with you as an entrepreneur. Many employers don’t measure results.
But, entrepreneurs must be effective with their time, not just show up and cross checklists.
You can’t show up brain dead to work on Monday after a non-stop weekend of kids’ activities and expect to perform.
So smart mompreneurs work and play with the right blueprint. Here are tips to smart work and experience regular HQ (high quality) play:
1) Determine a Set Work Schedule -(that you adjust weekly to accommodate family and personal commitments). Do work during work time and do personal activities during personal time.
2) Define Planned Tasks – List your key personal responsibilities and business activities—marketing, writing, product development, business plan, collaborations, etc. —and identify which time blocks you will complete them. This provides accountability so that all critical business and personal tasks get done, not just the ones you are comfortable or like doing.
3) Follow Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Planning Processes. Your work schedule and key business activities flow from your planning and goals.
4) Schedule “Fun” and “Together” Time With Your Family and Friends. Your business naturally makes you more regimented. The busier you get, the more likely you won’t make this time if it is not on your calendar.
5) Schedule 3-4 Hour Weekly Personal Personal Peak Date – Do something fun. Skipping “me time” makes you dull and fatigued instead of creative
6) Read 20 Minutes a day. You expand your mind, which will spark new ideas and give you energy.
7) Design Your Personal Routine with Breathing Room. Too tight schedules constrict the body and mind. Create a family calendar that gives everyone downtime.
8) Master the Media You Consume. Devote effort to find quality reading, audio, or multimedia material for you and your family to consume. The right stuff revitalizes.
While these steps sound simple, mastering them gives you the creative, emotional, physical, sustainable energy that attracts business and gives you the life you love.
How do you find the time? Use your calendar to budget your time. What you put in your calendar you value and what you omit, you don’t. Prioritize each week when you schedule.
Catholic momprenuer Biz and Life Tip: Successful mom business owners know that balance lets you soar. Pick one of the tips to work smart to incorporate this week.

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