Do you constantly keep yourself away from something because you fear that you will make mistakes? Then take a good look at children! Have you seen how kids are completely unbridled when they swing really high?

Have you taken some time off to see how liberated they feel by this seemingly simple action? They have no fear of falling off the swing or getting hurt! All they know is the great fun of swinging really hard; and even if they do fall, all it takes is one quick brush off and back to the swing again to have a gala time!

Taking Too Much Caution.

Doesn’t it make you want to feel the same way? But as soon as we step into the world of adulthood, we start taking too much cautionary steps. What if we were to miss a step? What if we were to make a mistake? Would we be shunned by society? Would our friends laugh at us?

These and many more questions keep cropping up in our mind, and we start fearing mistakes day by day. Each day that passes, we give up on some dream that had once been a cherished thought.

But ask yourself: Is it really worth it? Giving up on your dreams just because you are scared that you will make some mistakes along the way? Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

But the truth is that this is exactly what may be holding you back from pursuing your dreams! Children are not scared of making mistakes, because they have not been burdened by all the wisdom that adulthood brings with it. So they can just get away saying “I don’t care!”, but you obviously can’t do the same as an adult!

But how about changing your perspective just a little bit? When you are too scared to take on something because of the fear of making mistakes, just ask yourself, “What is the worst that can happen if I go wrong?”

Scared of Disappointments.

Chances are that the answer will not be as intimidating as you make it out to be! Most of the times, you may just be scared of the disappointment that failure brings with it.

But unless you give it a shot, you will not know what your chances of success are. If you do make some mistakes, you have to learn from them and move on. That’s how failures may even be treated as blessings in disguise!

Unless you make errors along the path of life, there will be no chances of you learning. You will never know how to take risks and enjoy the thrills and adventures of life.

Many famous people experienced multiple failures and made some horrible mistakes before they have succeeded or reached their desired position. Here’s an example...

Did you know that airline mogul Richard Branson lost many million dollars because his endeavour to sell financial services products or cola variant failed? He lost loads of money, but did not allow himself to get bogged down; instead he learnt from his mistakes and went on to became a living legend. Today, he makes so much money that he can even rent a whole private island just for one night for a very pricely sum!

That’s exactly what happens when you take the correct lessons from the mistakes you make and make meaningful changes to your life. If you really decide to learn from your mistakes, you would see that those mistakes (or rather disappointments) that you were so scared of committing weren’t too big a deal! In fact, each mistake that you make will take you one step closer to achieving something worthwhile.

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