101813_mood134SM1When I was a kid, I was moody. When I was moody, I was fated to get in some kind of trouble that got me in hot water. When I got in hot water, I felt resentful, and would say to myself, “See, life is tough; I can’t do anything without everyone jumping all over me. No wonder why I’m so moody.”

As I matured, I came to realize that moods are NOT the effect of what is happening in my world, but rather: moods are the cause of what I do … which then becomes the cause of what happens in my world. Moods are not the result of the conditions that I find myself in, in life. Moods are the reason that these conditions are in my life. Wow, that’s a big one!

Moods decide your fate. Did you know that? And, each fate becomes the platform for what next you’re fated to experience. Did you know that? A mood has no power until you feeeeel it. Now that feeeeling either empowers you toward an inspiring new fate for yourself … or … it weakens you (in which case, you find yourself fated to experience something that you don’t want to experience).

Here are five Mood Thoughts that will give you a better grasp of the power that your moods have in your life. And with that grasp, you will see that you can do something about it. I will present one thought with each blog over the next week and a half.


Mood Thought # 1: If the immature person persists in being moody, he will guarantee himself a rollercoaster ride life. His fate will be to get tossed to and fro with every ebb and flow that life brings upon him. It is not a secret to understand that bad moods promise bad fortune, and good moods attract all that is good and beautiful. And YOU are the mood-chooser. Think on this a bit.









You have the power to pause and ponder what you will think about. You have the right to ask, “What’s great about this moment?” even if the moment doesn’t show any promise at first. Once you think yourself into a mood, you are fated to experience the results of its vibration. Think twice before letting any old mood decide to leap into your mind.


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