Here are my top 3 take-aways from Kendall SummerHawk's "Secret Energy of Money" conference. Enjoy!

**Take Away #1: How You Do Money Is How You Do Everything 

At first glance this may seem like a broad, sweeping statement. But when you pull off your blinders and look closely, you'll see just how true it is. On one level, money represents what you get to do and have in the world. But in a much deeper way, it represents something about who you are and what you feel capable of receiving. When you have difficulty receiving and keeping money in your business, chances are this energy pattern is showing up in other areas of your life as well. If this is the case for you, ask yourself honestly, "What else am I not allowing myself to receive? What other good things am I letting slip through my fingers?" Love... help... relationships... acknowledgement... time... How you do money is how you do everything. When you heal your relationship with money, that energy of worthiness and receptivity can't help but carry over into other areas of your life as well. 
**Take Away #2: Spirituality & Success Are NOT Mutually Exclusive 

This is not a new concept, but, sadly, it's one I see so many holistic and spiritual practitioners struggle with time after time. The simple truth is, success and money do not make you less spiritual. In fact, if you are a kind, generous and giving person, money will give you the capacity to be even more of who you already are. Making fabulous money allows you to move past your basic survival needs and into the energy spiritual abundance and sharing. Think about this... Have you ever wanted to help out a friend or family member, support a charity or give a beautiful gift for someone you love, only to look at your bank account and feel your energy contract? When you look at what you truly want money for, you'll also see a hint of what you value in this world. And you'll begin to get an idea of what you can do and who you can BE when you're accepting and circulating abundance through your life.

**Take Away #3: The Power To Decide & Take Action Is Your Most Valuable Business Asset  
We all like to have choices... what to wear, what to eat, how to spend our time and our money. Yet far too often we allow our fears and anxieties to strip us of our power to act on those choices. The result is inertia. Instead of taking positive action, we stay stuck. We feel trapped by our circumstances and we're rendered powerless by our indecision. No matter how much we say we want change, the ego mind tricks us into believing that we're not ready for it. Instead of making powerful decisions, we sit back and wait for the perfect time to take action ~ that golden moment when the stars align and we have all the time, money and resource we think we need to move forward. But the truth is, if you do nothing, nothing will change. Conversely, once you make a decision to move toward your goals through inspired action, Universe will bend over backwards to help you make your decision a reality.

So what are you waiting for? Seize the day!

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Rev. Michele McGrew is a spiritual practitioner and marketing coach who teaches heart-centered entrepreneurs to fill their practices and market their businesses with grace and ease.

Known for filling her local workshops and providing outstanding spiritual services within her community, Michele is passionate about sharing her authentic marketing skills with other spiritual practitioners so they can help more people, make more money AND work with the clients they love.

By blending spirituality, energy dynamics and good, solid business skills, Michele helps her clients create a steady stream of ideal clients into their business by marketing their services with total integrity so that they can let their light and passion shine in the world through the inspired work that they do.

Michele is the creator of The Goddess Keys Platinum Program: How to Market Your Divine Business with Grace, Ease & Integrity, an innovative and intuitive marketing system that allows female entrepreneurs to create spiritual and financial success through their businesses. To learn more, go to