With the holidays almost coming in, it is time to decorate your house and welcome your guests. But, simplicity is a new style that people have adopted nowadays. Most of the Cattelan Italia furniture that is used today is not very sophisticated. The simple furniture doesn't have much designs or patterns on them, and they are more involved with the different kinds of shapes. The finishings are simple and can be either glossy or matte. Most of the guests that you invite don't invade your bedroom at first; instead, they sit and relax in your living room. This is why you must emphasize in making your living room pretty so that people like the bontempi furniture you keep there. Before we move on to some decoration ideas, let us see what does exactly minimalist design look like. You can purchase most of them from themodernfurniturecompany.

What is minimalist design mean?

1) Walls

- The walls don't have very complicated designs on them and have simple patterns. The color of the walls is also not very glossy and is matte.

2) Lighting

- There is no sophisticated design in the lamps. There are simple art lamps, accent lighting and more of natural light entering your room. You need to make sure that your room has big windows to allow entry of sunlight. There is also going to be enough air circulation in the entire day.

3) Design of the furniture<

- Minimalist design furniture doesn't mean you have to do away with the comfort. Just avoid having the ultra-modern ones with complicated designs with them. The simple plain furniture also provides with comfortable cushions which can be very pleased. The solid shape of furniture with stylish, bold colors looks classy.

4) Floor

- You can go for concrete, hardwood or even natural stone or tile floors. Make sure you keep them clean, and you can also use carpets on the floor.
5) Color- The neutral colors like brown, cream, beige look extraordinarily classy and simple. You can add some bold color to highlight specific features.

Let us see some of the ideas that can help you to achieve the simplistic concept of furniture.

1) Keep open spaces

Open spaces look amazing, and it is a beautiful place to sit and relax because there is good air circulation. If you have simple furniture made of rattan and place it in the open space, you can always come back from work and relax there during the evening. If your place doesn't have that much big open space, you can still decrease the number of walls of your room and make it more spacious. No one likes loading the place with furniture and having almost space even to walk correctly. If you have to divide the room, then use partitions, cabinets to do so. You can also use bookcases to get your room divided into sections.

2) Make your room organized and free from clutter

Always keep your space organized and avoid mess and confusion. The more you make your room messy, the more time you will take to get it cleaned, and you will get less space. When you go for the minimalistic approach, it is going to make your home look organized but for that, you will have to clear the place from the clutters that you have made.

3) Rustic minimalism

Neutral colors look nice when you keep fewer pieces of furniture in your room. When you are purchasing a sofa, you can always go for custom sofas which have neutral fabrics on them. Don't go for the ones which have a lot of bold patterns in them. The neutrals like grey, white look hugely classy as well. You can always add wooden furniture to give a nice contrast to that.

4) Steel window frames

If you want to go for less decoration, then you should always go for window frames made of steel or wood. Don't have overcomplicated window panels and go for glass windows. The wooden shade would also complement the neutral tone of your other furniture in the room.

5) Glossy and Retro

Armchairs look nice in a room, and you can offer one of them to your guests to take care of his comfort. If you feel that the neutral tone is very dull, then you can try the glossy and retro combination. You can even have a wall painted with a bright color or some lustrous fabric in the chairs and sofas. To give it a nice contrast, you can add wooden furniture or some antique pieces because they look simple and classy at the same time. You can also have pillows where the patterns are made out of bright fabrics.

6) The artwork on white walls

You can customize your white walls with artworks with yellow, brown, blue or green colors. This is also going to highlight the room, and it is also pretty simple. Make sure that you have sofas and couches of neutral shades in the room.

These are some of the ideas that can make your room look simple and yet classy. Simple doesn't mean taking away the comfort; it means not showing too much of everything. You can always customize your room with some decorations to make it look attractive and highlight that part.

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