MobiSales is a complete Mobile Sales Force Automation tool for sales and services organizations. The solution enables anywhere, anytime seamless sales data synchronization from the mobile to Desktop at the touch of a button and also provides detailed MIS reporting with graphics.

Business Challenge:

The challenges of today’s business can only be overcome taken by those who can make effective use of information while on the move. But this information becomes available only when you have access to the right systems and tools to collect, manipulate process and analyze the data generated in the business domain.

• Complete mobile enabling of the Sales process.
• Online-offline access to enterprise information.
• Multi-user support.
• Standard Data Exchange e.g. csv, html, excel etc.
• Customized security management.
• Robust and reliable data synchronization.
• Restoring deleted data utility.

Mobisales makes the following features available to the field force:

• Area-wise list of contacts & Customers.
• Product categorization.
• Inventory Stock Details.
• Draft Purchase order generation.
• Quotations-Drafts-Orders Tracking.
• User & Sales Area scheduling.
• Data Synchronization Event Log.

Software Solution:

Endeavour used its extensive experience on Mobile platforms to provide a solution to the problem.
Mobisales is a Sales Force Automation solution designed specifically to streamline the functioning of your business and bring it more under your control.

• Information centric architecture design.
• Multi-user and single user mode with high scalability and reliability.
• Flexible and open model to fit into any requirements of the business.
• Componentized functionalities to allow the user’s choice selection.
• Standard Data Exchange capability.
• Enhanced security management and user activity auditing facility.


• Anywhere, anytime seamless sales data synchronization from the mobile to Desktop at the touch of a button.
• Advanced MIS reporting both in graphics and printed form for DS.
• Eliminates paper work on the field and also the need for duplicate data entry.
• Quicker and faster access to information both in and out of the office, leads to better customer attention.
• Increases profits and reduces costs considerably by handling information in an efficient and effective way.
• Better control and security ensures data security and streamlined work flow.
• This is an ipad app where a sales person can access any information. It also provides crucial information like clinical data, marketing data and product control.

Author's Bio: 

Since 2002, Endeavour - The Mobility Company, has remained focused on strategic mobile consulting & mobile application development. Endeavour's strategic consulting practice brings best mobility practices and has helped large organizations and fortune 500 companies with articulating their enterprise mobility strategies and implementation road maps.