Mobile marketing is a type of marketing your business to appeal to mobile device users. The benefit of mobile marketing is that they provide customers with personalized, time to time and location sensitive information so that they can get whatever they want, at any place they are and at any time. The era of mobile marketing has arrived and if you are not implementing mobile marketing strategy in your business, then you are already trailing behind.

According to some research reports, more than 55% of users’ internet time is spent on mobile devices which means if you are ignoring mobile marketing strategy then you will definitely lack behind the competition. There are several types of mobile marketing strategies and that are App-based marketing, In-game mobile marketing, QR-Codes, Location based marketing, mobile search ads, mobile image ads, SMS etc. You can learn more about Mobile marketing at Digital Marketing Courses in Pune.

Here are some mobile marketing tips to reach customers effectively across the globe.

1) Leverage short, sharp & catchy messaging – Short and sharp message is the key to reach customers effectively because customers don’t spend much time in reading a long content. To attract customers short and sharp content will be priming them to learn more about you and which is also more effective than presenting all the information upfront.
2) Send reminders and notification to customers – Appointments, reminders or notifications are great example of effective mobile marketing strategy. If you missed it, it would be costly for your business because letting customers know more about you will lead to grab more attention from them. This strategy will keep your customers happy and improves effective running of business.
3) Build a strong brand presence on social media platform – Social media platforms are now much famous and used by people across the globe. Presenting your business well on social media will attract more customers because more than 3.6 billion people using some form of social media worldwide. Most people spend majority of time on phone and on social media so social media is an effective strategy to increase in sales of business. So it is necessary to build strong social media presence which includes attractive images, catchy content and so on. And another benefit of this is in better SEO and higher conversion rates.
4) Utilize push notification – Push notifications has benefit of providing your users timely information and this is also called as perfect call of action. But the most important thing here is to make sure your message targets your specific segment and also at right time. Thus, enroll yourself today in Digital Marketing Classes in Pimpri Chinchwad to have a safe and successful business.
5) Mobile friendly website – Creating mobile friendly website is very important these days because more than 50% of population search for piece of information on their mobile phones so you need to make sure that all the content, images, videos, display well for users on their mobile phones. To do this you need to use certain mobile friendly themes for your website to give your customers a better experience even on mobile phones.
6) Access to QR codes – Another trend in the world of mobile marketing is of QR code because QR codes are specifically designed for mobile phones to work with your mobile camera. QR codes allow you to get instant information that is encrypted and to display it on your smartphone.

To conclude, these are some useful tips of mobile marketing and it’s time to incorporate these tips into your strategy.

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