Here is a mobile based application that can relax you while you are travelling or simply seeking an entertainment while on the go. The Ambiance app enhances the user experience of your mobile devices according to your taste and requirements.

Ambiance is a fully customizable "environment enhancer" designed to help create the perfect ambient atmosphere to focus or relax. The user can choose from over 800 hundred free high quality sounds, exclusive to Ambiance, to download and listen to, create customized sound mixes, cycle through playlists, wake up to relaxing sounds and more! Its appeal is that it not only deals with multiple sounds but has associated images and full descriptions which together create an ideal environment.

Business Challenge:

Ambiance is a mobile based application, which gives a user, the ability to create a perfect ambiance by means of sounds. On launch of the application, the sounds are updated from the server and details like rating, size and name are provided. The stored sounds can be categorized and mixed, where multiple sounds can be played simultaneously. These sounds can be downloaded and stored on the device, played, previewed on the device. The application involved low level programming to seamlessly loop multiple audio files with zero gap in-between them.

With this mobile app on the device the users can create the perfect ambiance to focus or relax using their mobile devices. Its salient feature is that it can deal with both multiple sounds totaling to 2500 as well as the images these sounds are associated. The description of the tunes in accordance with the images makes the experience more upgraded.

Software Solution:

Once user launches the application it will display the trendiest sounds that exists in the mobile space. Upon clicking on each thumbnail the user will get a display of the corresponding details of the sound.

An option of previewing each sound is available and the same can be downloaded very quickly from the server.

Remixing the available tunes is possible on this application; this feature thus classifies Ambience as a customizable mobile environment enhancer.

Keeping in mind the fellow neighbors the volume can never be a disturbance as the users can set different volumes for each sound playing in a mix list.

Searching for specific sounds among the 2500 varieties is not tedious as this application allows the users to search for sounds based on user inputs and also can search sounds based on different categories.

Application allows the user to rate a sound and has the liberty to set it as favorite. The application even responds to shaking of the device by changing to a different sound.
Features like playing the alarm sound aloud, fading of the volume options and exiting the application after a configured time is controlled by the alarm and timer options on the application.

With respect to the image background, the application allows the user to change the background image according to his choice. The user can capture a real time image on his or her phone and instantly set it as the background image of the player.

The application’s player includes all general functionalities like repeat, shuffle, next, previous and pause etc. thus enabling the user to control its features completely. This app is thoroughly customizable according to the desires of the users.

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