The application was aimed at automating the processes of the field officers of the LPG Division, providing an intelligent planning system for inspections depending on the routes.

Gone are the days of documenting the inspection processes on paper for a smooth functioning of the laborious procedures of planning. A mobile solution is so developed to sort out the inspection schedule intelligently thereby ensuring a systematic operation of the LPG division. The Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) division must never encounter any negligence or clumsy moments from the field officers owing to the risk that it inherits. The planning of the schedule must be organized effectively by the officers to ensure risk free operations. The “to-do” things and critical common inspection elements can be recorded by this application for a safe and smooth running of the LPG industry.

We all know the hazard environment associated with the LPG division not only in India but worldwide. The field officers on patrol should be so sensitive to even the most elementary objects like combustible weeds or dry grass that has to be kept away from containers of the liquid petroleum. These tasks can now be recorded without any errors on the officers’ Smartphone to ensure risk free conditions.

The application provides an intelligent time based algorithm for a clear allocation of the inspection schedules to the field officers to ensure no overlapping in their roaster tables. The allocation will be a clear cut commands to the officers for carrying out their duties with no ambiguity whatsoever as the inspection schedule generated is computer based.

This mobile solution for LPG division was a crucial step as this vertical is a vital sector for commercial and domestic usage and supply. With the demand and the supply ratio difference being a challenging parameter, it is of utmost importance for the operations team to keep track of the distribution system to follow certain predefined processes thereby ensuring the systematic, smooth operation.

The benefits of using this mobile solution by the officer in charge include avoiding paper based inspection process that is time consuming and cumbersome. Secondly, the computer based inspection schedule can be followed with no ambiguity of mixing of time slots. Data reconciliation, the crucial parameter in the inspection data is also managed with this mobile solution and with a careful analysis the outcome from this application is similar to that of the manually arrived data reconciliation. The authorities can now concentrate entirely on their duties and save themselves some energy wasted in planning the schedule timings and details.

The field officers have to undertake a series of various inspections to make sure that the operation is risk free as LPG is prone to any combustible elements that will result in loss of life and property. Modern technologies like for instance this mobile solution can give out fewer error results that are reliable and safe. Manual calculation could be erroneous and this solution gives no room for errors.

Another point worth a glance is the feature of data migration which is made simple to enable easy porting of data along with the facility of import or export using Excel for data transfer. Thus, now it is time for the LPG inspection officers to make use of the application in their inspection rounds and let us know the experience!

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