As we know, in this advanced lifestyle of us, we people can not live without using advanced technologies. Technology is now a part of our lifestyle. Smartphones are one of the main technologies through which we can talk to others from any corner of the world or we can do many things using them. This advanced technology and its applications make our lives easy but if the applications are not working properly then there is a technique called software testing. Through that testing procedure, our software engineers called testers would help us to find out the issue that we are facing while using the applications.

Mobile application testing is not that easy, testing needs lots of effort and time to test applications. There are a lot of different ways to test an application and this is the main problem for the testers.

There are several challenges in the mobile application testing, lets's see some of them:

Concern of Security

Mobile applications are imperative for our day-to-day lives. But as we know that data safety and security are always a big concern. So, the first most important step in the testing process is for the security and privacy of the applications. The testing process is one of the most important mobile application testings challenges because the teams have to go through all the possible tests to make sure that the encryption works well. The testers need to opt for the requirement for the application’s functioning since every testing tool has its pros and cons. Appium and Calabash are the most common automation testing tools for mobile application testing.

Testing tools

There are several types of tools for different kinds of applications some of them are only tested for Android applications and some other tools check the ones for IOS. Having lots of tools in the testing process rather than being helpful, the tools make the process more complicated. For instance, the technical team could find it confusing sometimes to select the perfect platform for testing most of their applications. Subscribing to the paid testing tools could be heavy for the company’s budget while relying on free tools could create other troubles like data breaches and below-par results.

Screen sizes

Globally the companies design smartphones of varying screen sizes and specifications. To attract the end-users, multiple variants of the same smartphones models could have different screen sizes and resolutions. The testers need to check on different devices to ensure that all the necessary screen elements are accessible with different screen sizes. This whole process could be a challenge for the testers until the application is thoroughly tested.

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