From new features to game updates, here is what you need to know before launch day.
Baseball season is very close. We are only three weeks away from opening day, and even closer to MLB The Show 20.

The PlayStation-exclusive baseball franchise is one of the most impressive sports titles on the market, and this year seems no exception.

With tons of new features and game mechanics, it can be a bit overwhelming to keep up to date. And to watch live game follow 토토사이트 슈어맨.

But don't worry, we support you.

Read on for the five key things you need to know about MLB The Show 20.

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Early access
MAKE YOUR CHOICE: Early Access comes with three of the issues.

The most important thing you should know about the game is when you can get it!

While the official release date for MLB The Show 20 is March 17, you can get your hands on the game from March 13 if you just jump online and pre-order a higher edition of the game.

Minor leagues
The next step is a total game changer for franchise mode players.

The inclusion of actual minor league rosters makes managing your franchise to the top of baseball not only a more complete but also a more realistic experience.

Now you can rely more on player names, exploration, and your own knowledge of the farm system to find the gems buried in the AA ball. Trade more confidently and create that list of World Series gauges in-house. Or just promote Tim Tebow and have fun!

Doesn't play defense
The field is often a neglected part of baseball games, but this year SIE has continued to focus on the nuances of the field and improving the game.

Outfielder ability will matter a lot more this year as there are new first-pass mechanics that will separate the great, the good, the good, and the horrible. It will be harder for your left fielder to get out of the blocks, while elite center fielders will use an almost perfect first step to locate the flies.

Relocation and rebranding
While a true expansion franchise is not yet available, you can now relocate and change your franchise.

That means you can take baseball back to Montreal or Las Vegas.

In franchise mode, you can start your team's rebranding process right away, or in the offseason after the playoffs are over.

The set of creators is incredibly deep. There are many options for uniforms, logos, and nicknames. You can also download user-created logos, opening up a host of options.

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