It has been said time and time again that one of the most effective and powerful ways to achieve your goals in life is to visualize. Visualization powers your imagination to focus your creative energies on your heart's true desires. By maintaining that positive focus through visualization, you will discover that you are actually bringing your goals into reality. Simply said, with the power of visualization, also known as “The Law of Attraction”, you have the power to change your life! To help you on this amazing journey to personal fulfillment is an innovative, fun and easy-to-use creative visualization tool that you can customize any way you want to. Think of it as your own personal treasure map to the future you seek! This new magnetic visualization system is fully customizable, is housed in a sturdy keepsake designed box with specially designed compartments to store your unused pieces, markers and photos plus each master kit has its own magnetic side closure for easy and neat storage. The first two recently released editions are titled:

“Achieving Prosperity” which focuses on improving ones financial status, certainly a timely issue given today’s economical situation and “Attracting You Soul Mate” which focuses on bringing love into ones life.

Each Miracle Maps kit includes:

  • A large tri-fold magnetic Vision Board packaged in keepsake style box
  • Over 100 colorful words and affirmation phrase magnets
  • Over 90 linking words and various sized blank pieces to write out your personal goals
  • 10 self-adhesive magnet-backings to aid you in further personalizing your board with photos and inspirational words of your own
  • "See It, Be It!" The Power of Visualization guidebook. In it you'll find knowledge and tips to support you in your quest for success.

The tri-fold vision board is the perfect size for displaying on a desk, table, dresser top, kitchen counter, mantle, just about anywhere you want to be reminded of your current goals and aspirations, it folds up easily for storage and privacy, plus because of its size it’s completely portable, it travels beautifully and is absolutely perfect for bringing to the office or on a trip. Gone are the days of sticky glue and messy paper cuttings, with Miracle Maps, when you want to change or modify your vision board, simply remove and replace the old images with your new and updated ones. A super great feature of the Miracle Maps system is you're able to attach your own personal photos with the use of the self-adhesive squares, just peel off the paper and affix to your favorite photos! With the use of a grease pencil, you can also write out your own private thoughts on the many different sized blank pieces supplied, when you want to adjust, simply wipe clean and start over! Because each kit contains so many words and phrases you are not just limited to only using your Miracle Maps display board, you are able to expand even further to so many other areas and use your unused words to create a vision board on practically any other metal surfaces. Just think, you can make your entire refrigerator a vision board! The possibilities are endless. The Miracle Maps visualization system...a must for the aspiring, goal oriented person looking for a convenient and successful way to achieve his or her future goals and dreams!

We invite you to visit our website at for more details and to pick up your own personalized vision board and get started today. At $39.95 each, these make wonderful gifts; perfect for the graduate, job hunting friend, anyone interested in improving their life situation by increasing prosperity, abundance and well being. Miracle Maps is also available at and at a local bookstore near you. Enjoy plotting your path from dream to reality with the help of Miracle Maps, a one of a kind spiritually inspired tool to help enlighten, develop and guide you to live the life of your dreams…the life you truly deserve to have!

Author's Bio: 

My company Miracle Maps has truly been a labor of love for me. It had always been a dream of mine to start my own business but life always seemed to have other plans for me. I spent years in the corporate world earning my Series 7 license shortly after graduation. I later left the financial services industry and moved on to advertising sales and then real estate. None of these careers could extinguish my burning desire to turn my creative passions into a business not only for financial success but, just as importantly, to inspire and help others achieve their goals Miracle Maps is the direct result of my own process of setting and meeting specific goals, staying the course and never, ever giving up on that dream. My personal goal with my products is to enlighten others about the power we have within ourselves to change our lives.

For more details about Miracle Maps, please visit my website at:

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