Mini militia is the best action 2D RPG game without multiplayer playing option. You can play online as well as offline with your friends using wifi hotspot LAN. The mini militia is developed by appnomics and later purchased by mini clips and now they are transforming the game with new updates. Doodle army 2 is another name of mini-militia. So, do not get confused. There are few mods of mini militia is available on the internet like mini militia mega mod, god mod and more. You can start with the basic first. Now if you already knew about it then it's well and good. If not, then you can learn more about the same on google.


Being a mini militia fan and an active gamer I would like to share my secrets which nobody else shares here. But I believe in sharing is caring. Also, you might have noticed that pro players quickly win the battle and enjoy there winning while you end up scratching your head and think how man? how?.

If you are the same and willing to take the action to the became a pro player then heads up with me till the end. In the end, I promise you will learn a few tactics which can work for you.
Note: Before proceeding, I wanna tell you a thing, user jump to this tricks but they don't follow it properly and they lose the game. So please be patient and follow the guide properly and consistently.
Below are the few secrets which pro didn't tell you about mini militia game. Follow and your winning chances will increase for sure.


Here the cheats for mini militia game, only use this if you are playing with an official version of the game. I am 100% sure about the secrets and that will be going to help you. Now the time has come to enhance the playing skills and help you to win every battle. Follow now.

Play smart and Teamup –
Ask your fellow members who playing with you and secretly team up with them. Team players help you win a lot of battles. Group attack on enemies and get him down quickly and easily.

Grenades –
Always run for the grenades and pick up the green gas bomb. Because of it last longer. Now throw the gas bomb on born locations. Another option is to pickup sensor grenades. Place sensor grenades where you respawn. With this, you can hit high damage to your opponent at the respawn time.

Weapon Combination (Best Picked) –
Pick up the best blend of weapons which may help you win. That group of weapons can be any according to your decision. You can take one weapon for long range and another for short-run i.e Sniper and shotgun or missile launcher and shotgun, etc

Knee Down and save a life –
At whatever point any of your adversary toss explosive at you and you don't have enough time to leave at that point essentially press the down catch and knee down. This will diminish the impact of the bomb on your wellbeing.

Punch while flying increase speed –
Continuously continue punching while at the same time flying starting with one place then onto the next. This will support your speed to fly and move. You can undoubtedly fly in less time and by expending less jetpack control.

Jump and Through bombs Helps –
On the off chance that you need to throw the bomb at a long separation at that point jump and throw. This will expand the scope of the bomb. With the goal that you can focus on your rival from a colossal separation.

Keep Calm & Patient –
Try not to race to assault the adversary. It's always a best practice to get complete and then go. For that reload the weapon and refill your jetpack at that point go for an assault.

Use Dual Wield –
Use two firearms rather than single once. This will assist you with getting the enemies down in quickly. So at whatever point you get an opportunity to have dual wield then grab it because it will help you a lot.

Hide in the bushes –
Bushes are the best way to hide since long either in original or virtual. When you are low with ammo or powers then seek for the enemies to come near to bushes and then hit him quickly.

Voila!! You got the things. Follow this cheats and you will surely increase your chances of winning. Let me know if you still face any difficulties. If so then will try to share few more. If you like this cheats then please share it with your buddies but not enemies. Bingo

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