Below are some of our favorite mindfulness tips for Entrepreneurs When the Going Gets Hard:

- Take A Step Back - Sometimes in order to see something more clearly, you have to take a step back. It can be overwhelming to tackle a hardship immediately. Make time to really reflect on what is happening. If it’s taking over your emotions, give yourself a few days to sit on it. When something dramatically bad or unpleasant or unexpected happens, do not make any decisions for 48 hours afterward.
- Go Outside - The same reason getting ‘fresh air’ is always encouraged, being in nature can help you in a very beneficial way. One research by The Royal Society even found that individuals who were exposed to nature when having to make a big decision were more likely to take their time thinking through it and often chose the path with more value. Moral of the story here: getting outside can help you get out of your head.
- Seek Help From Your Support System - As entrepreneurs, you need a support system to help guide and advise you through certain situations. This is no different when you are in a bad headspace. Lean on your friends, family, colleagues, and team members in times of need. You never know when one person has a solution that will change your entire situation. Plus, it’s always good to know that you are not alone in anything that you face.
- Journal About It - When thoughts are racing, it’s best for entrepreneurs to pick up a pen and paper and start journaling. Sometimes dumping all of your thoughts onto a few pages can better help you understand what is happening. This mindfulness practice is critical to being successful and happier because it allows you to reflect and generate creative solutions. It assists our brains in properly processing what is happening in a way that can foster a healthy outlook.
- Gain A Different Perspective - Entrepreneurs gain different perspectives on a daily basis, and it is no different when it comes to hardships. When things are not going as planned or how you perceived it to be, try looking at it from a different perspective. Put yourself on the other side of the problem. Think about what it may look like from an outside perspective; one of a team member or colleague. Does it seem as bad from their point of view as it does from yours? The key here is to be open-minded.

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