Using the power of your mind is a skill and if you’ve never used it intentionally to create specific results, it just makes sense to start with the basics and work on developing your ability. Some people instinctively know how to use the power of their minds and they have been having fun experimenting with it and using it all their lives. They may not need any special preparation, however brushing up on basics may be helpful for them also. If you are not one of those people who have worked with the power of their minds on their own, and you have not had any systematic mind training, you can begin by first learning how to relax your mind and body.

If you don’t know how to fully relax or are having difficulty, Deep Trance Now Deep Relaxation hypnosis CD can help you.

When you are working with the power of your mind, you are working with consciousness and energy, with thoughts and emotions. Again, some people have vivid imagination and they find it easy to visualize anything. The world of their minds feels as real and alive for them as anything in the outer world. It is easy for them to move in their inner space, to experience every detail in their imaginations, sights, smells, sounds, etc. as if they were actually experiencing things in the outer world, perhaps even more vividly.

If visualizing with all of your senses to the point that what you hold in your mind feels as real as anything in the outer world, is not one of your natural abilities, you can train your mind to develop it. And Deep Trance Now Super Mind hypnosis CDs contain series of exercises that can help you to develop your ability to visualize.

Once you can visualize and experience your desired body as real within your mind and with all of your senses, it is important to maintain your focus and concentration. Some people find it easier to focus and concentrate than others, and you may find it easier to focus on that which interests you very much – however everyone can improve the ability to focus and concentrate with practice.

If you have difficulty focusing and concentrating, Deep Trance Now Focus and Concentration hypnosis CD can help you. Alternatively you can pick any idea you like and practice focusing on it as long as you can. For starters, you can light a candle, gaze into a candle flame for a while, close your eyes, do your best to see that candle flame within your mind and to focus on that image in your mind for at least five minutes. If your attention wanders, just bring it back. With practice you’ll discover that you can maintain focus and concentration for longer and longer periods of time.

Now that you have some basic skills under your belt, it is time to practice communicating with your body. As a very basic exercise, you may practice focusing on different parts of your body and as you direct your attention to some part of your body, become aware of sensations in that part of your body – you may feel increased warmth or pulsations in that part of your body due to increased blood circulation; you may feel experience that part of your body vibrating because energy follows thought and when you direct your attention to some part of your body you are stirring up the energetic counterpart or your body.

You can conduct many experiments by influencing your body with your mind and become aware what happens. It is these experiences that will help you to develop conviction that you can change your body with your mind, and then you’ll be in a better position to work with Deep Trance Now Grow Taller with Hypnosis program, or rather, you’ll getter faster results.

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