Sales Conversion

Is sales a dirty word to you? Well, if you’re an entrepreneur, get over it. You can’t have one without the other. In this final day of our Million-Dollar Success Series, Sandra Yancey and her guest, Lisa Sasevich, put the fun back into sales conversion.
Sales is Your Friend

Sales conversion starts from a place of giving. The days of telling your prospect all about YOU are over. Client-focused is the way attract loyal customers. As Lisa Sasevich says on the Million-Dollar Success Series call, “Be the client you want to attract.”

Lisa calls herself, “The Queen of Sales Conversion.” This makes sense given that she has grown her sales consulting business to a multi-million dollar company.
Million-Dollar Takeaways

In this call, you will learn the 3 components to creating a mindset around money, how to get people to take action and what you can do to create and leverage an irresistible offer.

Take Action

As Sandra says, “Don’t wait until you’re ready to take action. Take action to be ready.” There’s so much to learn from these 2 ladies, so watch and listen to their wisdom and learn to take the selling out of sales.

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