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The world has changed too fast for our genetic makeup”
Nassim Nicolas Taleb, Philosopher and Author of The Black Swan

Dear One,

As many of you know, I’ve been writing about what I call the Quickening for a number of decades now. I describe it as the continuous, unrelenting acceleration of planetary, galactic and cosmic energies heralding in the next Great Age in the evolution of consciousness.

The massive effect of these inexorable higher frequencies energies on our physical bodies is highly disconcerting and uncomfortable at times. This energetic bombardment can also feel quite terrifying if we don’t understand what is happening and why.

I’ve described at length the range of Quickening symptoms, which I call the Cosmic Flu, most recently here:
2019 COMING ATTRACTIONS: How to Be in Paradise During a Cosmic Flu Pandemic

Most of us are still reeling from the effects of the ongoing Saturn/Pluto/South Node conjunction, which is bringing up karmic PTSD in us all. For more:

Shocks to the System Are Triggering Karmic PTSD in Everybody

That’s why it’s seems like the perfect time to share more of the positive effects of the Quickening. For then, we can choose to focus on the internal changes occurring for many of us in a more optimistic light, as Goddess knows, we could all use some constructive encouragement these days.
It’s particular important to keep in mind that our genetic makeup may take generations to catch up with how the Quickening energies are affecting us psychically and neurologically.
From my perspective, our genetic predisposition is just the tip (about 10%) of the karmic iceberg and thus has only a small proportion of impact on our bodies. This is especially so if we believe that our Minds have the power to turn various genetic markers on or off in many, if not all, cases. For more on this:
You Are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Here’s some personal background: In 1972, my channeled readings began referring to me as a “mutant” and an “evolutionary guinea pig,” meaning that my type of psychic development was an experiment (one of many) in terms of the potential directions that the evolution of human consciousness could move towards in the probabilities going forward.

But now, a considerable number of us, especially those with the most sensitive emotional and psychic dispositions, are undergoing similar evolutionary processes and have been for some time. This means we need to be very gentle with ourselves during this intensive, ongoing awakening process, because it’s not happening over generations, it’s occurring right here and right now in our present bodies. I like to call us “canaries in a psychic diamond mind:).”

Also, it’s more skillful if we choose to not get too hung up on medical labels for our Quickening symptoms, such as Asperger’s, environmental/chemical sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Epstein-Barr, to name a few. These are all catchall attempts to maintain some illusion of control by the ego and medical establishment, especially since there are no sanctioned causes, treatments or cures anyway.

I have had symptoms of all of the above, which I now consider natural, if taxing, reactions to the daily high-frequency downloads I’ve been receiving for most of my adult life. And I’ve accepted that there is no magic pill to make the effects of the Quickening go away, as these downloads are definitely here to stay as part of our new normal as part of being in the vanguard of the evolution of consciousness.

In sharing some of my journey of awakening, you may identify with some of my symptoms or story—or not. As, by their very definitions, mystical mutants and evolutionary guinea pigs are spread out across the globe, each with our own unique set of individual variables in their awakening process.

Over the years, I’ve worked with dozens of other psychic channels—both of information and healing—who mostly live in high-energy portals in nature, and their most commonly asked question has always been: “How can you be a trance channel in NYC (for over 45 years) with all that intensity, density, negative/toxic energy and distraction?”

And my response is all of the below:

· If I can do my work here, I can do it anywhere.

· It is not my job to be affected by the energy of NYC; it is my job to affect it.

· It is, in essence, a karmic final exam of this particular line of my soul development.

· There is a Taoist saying: “The lesser sage lives in a cave in the mountains, the greater sage lives in the heart of the city.”

In other words, it’s much easier to commune with the Tao, Source or the Divine through being in Nature. It’s much more challenging to merge with All That Is through human nature in its fullest range and diversity, especially in a place like NYC.

In addition, it’s important that trance channels be spread out around the planet to optimize their function. This means that a concentrated convention of “Light houses” would not offer as much benefit to the mass tone, especially in times like these, when stormy seas require more direct Light to guide all “ships “safely home:).

Also, I’ve known since the age of sixteen, when I first visited NYC, especially the East Village, from my hometown of Chicago, that this would be my home, and I felt this truth without any doubt in my bones and viscerally down to the core of Being.

So, I’ve been assigned to this post, and here I shall stay until I am reassigned by my bosses, whom I call HAGF (highest available galactic forces) as the only ones I feel have the higher authority to guide me. Although, the inside joke is that I also know that the HAGF are all Me, and are just given this label for my convenience, as we are all one gestalt in a more expanded concept of consciousness and identity.

When I was younger, I used to love to snorkel all over the world, as I felt most at home merging with the Tao in the ocean by becoming one with all the sea creatures. And my absolutely favorite pastime was swimming out to the reef at sunset with an underwater flashlight and watching all the daytime fish scurrying home and all the nighttime creatures—like octopi and moray eels—coming out of their caves. I called this frenetic activity “rush hour on the reef.”

But what I’ve found over the past thirty years or so is that, when I’m people-watching in NYC at rush hour—especially near a subway station—the act of witnessing everyone rapidly making their way somewhere is as blissful to me as rush hour on the reef, just Manhattan style:).

In addition, I discovered in my early thirties that, when I meditated in my garden, eight hours could flow by in the blink of an eye. During this time, I would witness my emotions arise and fall away, cycling in a continuous loop from joy, bliss, cosmic humor and emptiness all the way through to sadness, loss and mourning. As I experienced this full range, I would alternate between laughing and crying so hard that, over time, they became almost simultaneous.

This practice made me irrevocably aware that that my habitual emotional and mental samskaras (aka karmic grooves) were arising with no illusion of external circumstances triggering them. As I witnessed this full range continuously surfacing in a cyclical unwinding, I really got the message that my thoughts and feelings were always an inside job.

Once I started being more fully present in the Now, my reality became multidimensional, and I began to experience spontaneous bleedthroughs from past lives as well as all planes of consciousness co-existing simultaneously. That’s when I realized that there was truly nowhere to go but Here, and the wisdom of no escape has become the ultimate solace and bliss for me.

That being said, I can still function in the earth plane as needed by turning on my ego/personality/little self/analytical mind as a translucent tool for use at the witness/soul’s discretion, and turning it off when left-brain functioning is no longer required.

For a more balanced perspective, here are some of my more unique “occupation hazards” of being a trance channel in 3D. This list is also in response to all of you who have said they wish they had my psychic gift:):

1. I have little or no depth perception or balance. That means walking down a flight of stairs feels like falling into the abyss, so handrails are definitely required, and riding a bike is as challenging as an Olympian-level event.

2. I was born with mechanical dyslexia. This means that, while I am ambidextrous, which helps, I also naturally confuse left from right, up from down, and in from out. So, driving a car is not such a good idea as I tend to forget which is the accelerator and brake (oops!) and have totaled more than one sailboat by forgetting which way to turn the rudder to come about.

3. When I observe other people with my x-ray psychic vision, I see their full range, from all of their past lives and alien development all the way down to the state of their colons.

4. On the days when I do the deepest trance work of soul readings, I can only function from my left brain before I activate full psychic power in my vertical channel—which I call the galactic autobahn:). Afterwards, fuhgeddaboudit.

5. I have what is called ligamentous laxity, meaning that my body’s structural integrity is very loose, exacerbating my structural body karma issues. My Taoist teachers have said that I was “too loose” and that all their Western students were “too tight” except for me. This yin fluidity of my body calls to mind past lives when I was a Mast (god intoxicated) in India, and my particular siddhi (psychic gift) was being able to disperse my physical body to the four corners and beyond.

For more on Masts, please read: Meher Baba

Perhaps the most impactful and intense special effects of the Quickening that many of you will identify with is the psychic rewiring process that is part of all of our upgrades—sooner or later.

The purpose of this rewiring of the psychic circuitry (which is the psychic body equivalent of the physical nervous system as well as of the energy bodies’ meridians, nadis or energy gates in different traditions) is to allow us to handle higher frequency energies which pour in through our crown chakras, down through our vertical channels and is, hopefully, grounded through our root and feet to the core of the planet. I use Taoist standing chi gung for this purpose daily.

I have worked with some trance channels over the phone who are bedridden and no longer able to operate psychically as they’ve fried their psychic circuitry and burnt out their nervous system irrevocably by running the Quickening energies too much and too long without grounding these frequencies through their root and feet. The best I can do is gently instruct them in how to practice standing chi gung from a sitting position.

In my early thirties, I also almost fried myself from running too much current and doing too many readings before discovering water-method standing chi gung which I have done daily now for over 30 years. At that time, I was practicing a form of fire-method chi gung which amped up my chi, so it felt great, but was only exacerbating the over-loading of my nervous system without enough gentle focus on grounding.

In sharing the above with you, I am reminded that Edgar Cayce, the great “sleeping prophet” trance channel of the 20th century, died prematurely by doing more readings daily than his channels prescribed as safe for his health.

For more: Taoist Practices

I’ve been rewired three times to handle more galactic juice, about every twenty years or so, and each time it has come as a major surprise and shock to the system when it starts occurring, even if my guides have forewarned me that it was coming.

The first rewiring occurred in 1976 when I was in my mid-twenties and had been channeling since age nineteen. My channels informed me that, “I was being fitted for my funnel cap to allow me to access other dimensions without leaving my body.”

This first rewiring allowed multidimensional frequencies to be transduced by my funnel cap that was fitted over my crown chakra and felt at the time of installation as if psychic surgery was being transformed on me. (I write about this event in my 1st book Openings).

It also helped immeasurable to have the support of my soulmate, psychic teacher and partner, Jim Rush, who was with me through this first rewiring and is still with me always, even more so since his passing in 1997.

The second rewiring in 1996 occurred at a Taoist retreat in the Sonoma mountains during an all-night New Moon chanting ceremony. Even though I’d been informed by my channels prior to this trip that I was going to be rewired during it, I completely forgot.

That is until, in the middle of the night, it felt as if I was being invaded through my crown and central channel by giant neon yellow snakes that were being threaded through my psychic circuitry stretching and expanding the range of my capacity to handle more juice.

Once I spontaneously realized that this wasn’t an alien snake invasion but rather a mental construct based on what I was feeling while in the midst of this psychic rewiring with its thick neon yellow insulation, I was able to stop freaking out.

Along with this second rewiring, I was asked by HAGH to make two commitments. One was of the right use of this gift—no problem. But the second was to make my primary relationship with them, aka Source/the Divine/the Tao. When I balked, they did promise that I would continue to be gifted with consorts to help support my staying in the body by sharing so much pleasure, joy and bliss with me through Taoist and Tantric dual cultivation that my enthusiasm for this incarnation would not dissipate. And so it has been:).

It also helped immeasurably that I had the support of an old soul friend to stabilize me through this all-night rewiring event, who I had just reconnected with the day before. I write about this second rewiring in my memoir Cosmic Sugar.

My third rewiring came in the Spring of 2016 and, while the first two rewirings were more or less over within a day or two, this one went on for almost six months. At first, I didn’t know what was going on, as I was passing out every afternoon for over an hour, regardless of the amount of sleep I had the night before. This passing out also happened out on the street or in restaurants, so I learnt to arrange my schedule for these unusual daily events.

But my twin soul and current partner, who I had just reconnected with in this life, was majorly concerned after he witnessed me passing out in a Japanese restaurant almost as soon as we sat down. He insisted that I do a psychic reading for myself to find out what was going on.

I had skipped doing a seasonal reading for myself that Spring since everything was so calm and peaceful. HA! Little did I know that my third rewiring was set to commence just as soon as my twin soul was on the scene to help stabilize me in my body.

The reading of course said that I was in the midst of the most major rewiring yet to handle the rapidly accelerating velocity of the Quickening and that I would need to adjust my life to accommodate the daily passing out, which anesthetized me, as that was when I was having psychic surgery performed on me.

As this rewiring progressed through the summer, even with all the standing chi gung I did to ground myself, I started experiencing downloads that were so intense I decided to leave town hoping to get a break out in Nature. But no sooner had I arrived at a peaceful seaside town, then I started getting even more amped-up downloads.

It viscerally felt like I was being downloaded with the entire Akashic Records of what seemed like infinite souls, each record downloading with visual images in a zip drive at warp speed every few seconds. And this went on for weeks, I kid you not.

By the fall of 2016, I felt like a walking, talking library of the Akashic Records, which is continuously being added to and revised as souls evolve and grow. And while I had always easily accessed the Akashic for Soul Readings (as one of my ancient non-physical functions is as a guardian of these realms), now there truly was no frequency shift between dimensions to allow for, as I was always right there—and here simultaneously.

A note about the Akashic records: Everyone has equal access to this plane of consciousness as their Divine birthright. I also call this dimension the causal plane, cosmic ocean of Becoming, or universal Flow state. Jung described it as the collective unconscious. This dimension transcends linear space and time and is a lovely plane to hang out in as one’s new normal to fully enjoy Leela. I highly recommend it! (As all my psychic therapy clients can attest to:).)

It has been three years since my last rewiring and I still need my daily “naps” where I merge with Source and feel my psychic operating system being almost continuously upgraded. When I sleep it feels as if I am dwelling in the depths of the cosmic ocean and when I awake as if I’m arising like a wave in this ocean.

I was born with a high sensitivity to cold, especially my feet, and an affinity for warm to hot temperatures. But, between the ages of 45-53, when I was going through hormonal fluctuations, my body felt like a generator or hot oven. And now, since my last rewiring, the energy running through me 24-7 heats up my body so that it feels like a nuclear reactor.

I’ve always had a problem with clients feeling groggy, sleepy or passing out in my office when I rev up my psychic energies prior to a soul reading or psychic therapy. I remind them to breath deeply and run their energy down through their root and fee, and not hold it in their heads.

This is because the higher frequencies I am channeling into the room are so strong that their nervous systems start shutting down so that they don’t blow a fuse. Thus, the tendency to pass out. And, these days, especially since my last rewiring, my new normal vibrational frequency, not only makes more of my clients feel overloaded, but my partner and friends are also challenged by this new level of intensity.

I hope my description of the Quickening’s effects on me will help you acclimate to your own cosmic flu symptoms and rewiring upgrades without freaking out. Standing chi gung continues to be a saving grace as does my partner’s presence to help keep me in my body and not disperse into other dimensions.

In addition, I find that tui na massage, network chiropractic, and monthly acupuncture on a psychic/emotional body levels help keep me internally calm and stable at my core, regardless of the levels of vertical and horizontal bombardment I am under, which seems to be escalating all the time relentlessly.

The good news is that operating at these higher psychic frequencies of the Quickening allows us to manifest our desires by cutting through the density of the physical plane much faster than ever before— at times, almost instantaneously. Thus, we have what I call boomerang or instantaneous echo karma. Now that’s fast!

Consequently, we need to be extra careful and especially mindful of what we desire to manifest so we don’t incur karma by the misuse of our psychic powers for personal gain at the expense of others.

All levels of power can be addictive and subject to right use or misuse. But there is a special warning label on psychic and spiritual power as these are the most addictive levels of all and the ones capable of incurring the most karma. For more, please read:

“If This Were Your Last Incarnation, What Would You Do?”

In summation, the energies of the Quickening are awakening us to the higher reality that All planes of consciousness are actually right here and right now, they’re just operating at different frequencies. And, as we learn how to attune to these higher energies (which is one of the purposes of the Quickening) and loosen our attachment for identity to only being in the relative reality and density of the earth plane, then a more absolute reality—where all veils of illusion and separateness fall away—becomes our normal operating mode of Being.

As we are all part of the Earth Game, or what my channels have always called “the experiment now in progress” it behooves us to view all of our Quickening symptoms as not “weird” or “wrong,” but rather something that our souls volunteered for prior to entry in this incarnation to expand our range as cocreators using our physical vessels as the laboratory.

“We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” Albert Einstein

In closing, it would be remiss of me not to remind you of the major astrological event of 2020: The conjunction of Karmic Teacher Saturn and Transformational Pluto on January 12 in structure-ruling Capricorn, at the exact same time as a Uranus direct station and a Lunar Eclipse to pack an extra wallop. Throughout 2019, we’ve already been experiencing the energies and themes of this transit ratcheting up the intensity on the world stage and in our own personal realities.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction will finally complete on Jan 31, 2021 with a 10º orb between the two planets. And, while I will be writing about this planetary event in more depth in my 2020 Coming Attraction newsletter, in general, we’ll be experiencing and/or witnessing changes that are likely to impose some kind of restriction on our freedom of movement or upon our resources. Many of us are already aware of these restrictions brought on by the effects of escalating earth changes from global warming which is creating a mass refugee crisis because of our changing climate, among other factors.

The good news, or silver lining, if you will, is that, while the 2020 period of Saturn/Pluto’s conjunction will likely be
constraining, there is also coming up in December 2020 a conjunction of beneficent Jupiter with Saturn in innovative Aquarius.

This means that while old systems and structures will continue to break down as a Plutonian function so we can get our racial karmic lessons, Jupiter in the mix will help to offer up new solutions which can lead to fresh approaches for managing all of the global challenges arising. For more:

“Owning Our Inner Pluto before . . . It Eats Us for Lunch”

If we look beyond the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and consider Saturn’s conjunction with Jupiter, a new order will be emerging from which outliers–many geniuses, rebels and the marginalized—are likely to gain power and create incredible technological innovations to catalyze and help shape new structures on the ashes of what Pluto takes down.

At the beginning of 2019, I wrote:

“This Saturn/Pluto conjunction could bring about the breakdown of important economic, corporate and political power structures and the downfall and disgrace of those who occupy positions of power in those institutions. But in the short term, these power players and structures could become even more oppressive and tyrannical as they desperately try to remain in control. Is this good news or bad news?

Debt-burdened major corporations, governments, banks, and other economic institutions could experience their karmauppance. There could also be, at least the beginnings, of the Plutonian passing away of outmoded political or economic power structures, such as the electoral college or the health insurance industry as they presently function. Is this good news or bad news?

When, on January 12, 2020, Saturn conjoins Pluto at 22° Capricorn for a single and dramatic pass, we can expect this cycle—from the year leading up to the conjunction and for approximately two years following it—to have an exceptionally powerful long-range effect.

The worst-case scenarios could occur when aggressive Mars in warlike Aries retrogrades later in 2020 and squares the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, as serious political and military conflicts are considered the traditional interpretation of this transit historically. Is this good news or bad news?

Our perspective on upcoming disruptive events in evaluating the “good news/bad news continuum” depends on whether:

A. We’re looking at a very-long range picture of what needs to fall away for the spiritual evolution of humanity to break through into the Light in this, the spiritual Dark Ages of the Kali Yuga.

B. Or, we’re only thinking about the short-sighted, selfish effects on ourselves and our safety, security and comfort zones. For more:

“Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga”
2019 PSYCHIC PREVIEW: All Your Stagnate Comfort Zones Are Going, Going, Gone

Because of all the dire predictions that go along with Saturn/Pluto transits, it’s especially important now to place the Pluto/Saturn conjunction of January, 2020 in context with the much more positive conjunction of expansive Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in December, 2020.

While the 2020 period of Saturn/Pluto’s conjunction will likely make us feel as if we’re all in a psychic pressure cooker, Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction will help to offer up new solutions which can lead to fresh approaches for managing economic, social and political challenges.

So, if we can look beyond the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and consider Saturn’s conjunction with Jupiter in Uranus-ruled Aquarius, this will help ameliorate some of the catastrophizing as we witness the falling away of old structures so that a new order can emerge.

Instead, we can focus on envisioning Aquarian Age-type visionaries and Uranian rebellious geniuses creating incredible technological inventions which will help catalyze new paradigms and structures to help heal the planet.

For example, these innovators will perhaps find brand-new solutions for global warming and pollution through renewable energy sources and other new technologies, which will help alleviate the current ominous future probabilities about mass migration, as a case in point.

And while the negative side of Saturn/Pluto transits is about as bad as it gets in terms of abuses of power and corruption at the highest levels, I have faith that the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction coming on its heels in 2020 will offset the most heinous misuse of power from being sustained for any protracted period and thus bodes well for humanity in the long-term picture.”

Sending out faith in the Flow, especially to all my fellow mystical mutants,


“You see, in partial pursuits, one’s transformation is partial as well. But in integral self-cultivation, it is possible to achieve a complete metamorphosis, to transcend your emotional and biological limitations and evolve to a higher state of being.”

The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu

Author's Bio: 

JOAN PANCOE is a gifted trance channel, karmic astrologer and spiritual teacher in private practice in New York City since 1976.

She is the creator of psychic therapy,™ a ten-session intensive that utilizes altered states to help release karmic blocks and experience and integrate the soul level of consciousness.

Joan is the author of Openings: A Guide to Psychic Living in the Real World and Cosmic Sugar: The Amorous Adventures of a Modern Mystic, under the pen name, Leela Jones.

In addition, she is a teacher of Tantric and Taoist energy arts and has had three solo shows of her art in New York City.