Love him or hate him, Michael Jackson left a huge legacy in the world. He was a father, entertainer, genius, abused child, wounded man, humanitarian…He was a man with many sides – more than two and a man on mission to re-enter the world of entertainment after a long delay. The world was anxiously awaiting this amazing talent but alas, his dream was cut short.

Jackson’s sudden death shocked the world and it also made us realize that we can be here today and gone tomorrow. While Jackson’s legacy will live on and he may become more celebrated dead than alive, it still doesn’t solve the problem that he was taken too soon just at the height of his triumphant return.

Which brings me to this point – what are you holding off showing the world?
We all have some talent or ability that we aren’t showing the world because of many reasons. It may be that we don’t think we’re good enough, talented enough, interesting enough, or we’re worried that others will be upset with us if we ‘show off.’

We can blame lack of time, lack of resources, or lack of support on why we don’t practice our talents but this excuse soon becomes lame.

I speak from experience because I am a trained visual artist and haven’t created a painting for over 12 years. I can blame it on lack of time – a family, a full-time responsible job, but the truth is - if I really wanted to paint, I’d make the time.

The truth is - I stopped painting because I stopped believing I had talent. I stopped believing I was good because I bought into the idea that if I can’t make a living at it, there’s no point.

Is there something in your life that you enjoy doing but have stopped because of this negative thinking?

So what do you do when you realize you have a passion that you’re not getting paid for? What do you do? You don’t give up. You find a way to weave this gift into your day to day activities – even into your current paying career.

Here are 6 ways to share your gifts with the world:

1. Stop Judging Your Gift: Instead of judging your abilities, just enjoy doing them. If you love to dance – dance!

2. Get support: When you decide to show the world your talents, you may run into negative thinkers. Find a support team – friends, family, coaches and cheerleaders.

3. Do it now: Michael didn’t realize his time was up; you don’t know how much time you have. Get off the couch and create that song, painting or write that book. Start today.

4. Keep a record: Keep a record of your progress – videotape, photograph or write down your process and results.

5. Advertise your gifts: There’s no sense in creating and showcasing your abilities without an audience. Phone, email or write people and let them know what you’re doing. If people see you being creative, they may become inspired to create as well.

6. Weave your gifts into your day to day life: Use your singing talents at work to cheer up people, draw a poster for a fundraiser, run a marathon to raise funds for a charity, dance in a competition and represent your company. There are endless ways to weave your talents into your daily life – use your imagination.

No one knows how much time they have – not even the King of Pop. So let this be a lesson that you don’t want to waste any more precious time ignoring your talents and gifts. Get them out there so others may enjoy them and be inspired to do the same.

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Lisa Rickwood, BFA, CPCC, "Business Stress Buster," is a business coach, visual artist, mother and author of Escape The Pace and co-author of Power & Soul. Get your FREE Stress Relief Kit by visiting: