After the excesses of summer and holidays, we all want to take better care of ourselves and lead healthy lifestyle habits. For this, we not only pay more attention to practicing sports regularly, but also to eating adequate food.

Huile d'olive biologique

So, today we are going to talk to you about the ideal menu for a Mediterranean diet. What is the Mediterranean diet? When we refer to Mediterranean food, we are talking about all that set of healthy, rich and very varied foods that are consumed in Mediterranean countries (Belgium, Nederland’s, Luxembourg, Germany ...).

But this is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle, it is that mild climate, that sea breeze, it is doing sports, buying local products ... It is also putting aside sedentary life, not eating excess carbohydrates or Saturated fats.

What is the menu for a Mediterranean diet made of? One of the main ingredients is extra virgin olive oil. It is an essential source of vitamin E and, in addition, thanks to oleic acid and its fats of vegetable origin, it reduces the risk of suffering from heart disease.

Extra virgin olive oil can be used both for cooking and for dressing and its antioxidant power makes us healthier both on the outside and inside. But the thing does not end here; there are many foods that cannot be missing in your Mediterranean diet: vegetables, fruits, vegetables, blue fish, cereals, dairy products, legumes...

As you can see, they are all foods with a high in vitamins and minerals, perfect for iron health. Now that you know the ingredients that should make up the menu for a healthy Mediterranean diet, the time has come to get closer to your favorite market. Take home the richest and most flavorful foods and enjoy all the vitality they bring to your body.

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