Through several exercises and mental toughness training, any athlete would be able to reach his or her true potential.

There are various types of mental training techniques that are applicable for athletes.

Through rigorous mental training, any athlete would be able to keep themselves in total control while competing - even in the most nerve-jangling, high pressured environment.

No matter what level you're competing at, developing a mental toughness for sport will be extremely valuable and worthwhile for all participants.

So long as you follow the procedures and you are determined to stick at it, you will have a toughness of mind to enhance your performance and achieve more success.

Typical mental toughness training can be done by anyone.

Below are some beginner steps to get you started:

1. Understand Why You Need To Have A Tough Mind.

Toughness training is based on how the mind works. It is basically used to remove fears and anxiety when confronted with an opponent or a situation during competition.

You should remember that becoming tough is not just about being physically tough. You also have to be mentally tough if you want to succeed in sport.

2. Remove Your Fears And Remain Focused.

Fear will have a definitive effect on your performance. Fear will always exist but it should be used as a motivating factor rather than an inhibiting factor. It's so important not to let fear control you.

Fear usually rears its ugly head when you start worrying of 'what might happen'. One great way of overcoming this is to focus your mind 100% in the present moment, and not concern yourself with the past or future.

A statement I always used when playing and something I tell my players to use is to say to yourself 'NEXT MINUTE'. This I find helps to refocus the mind on the job in hand rather than on the mistake you've made or the penalty or goal you've conceded.

3. Use Positive Self-Talk.

Confidence is key to performance and developing mental strength. A great way to increase your confidence before and during competition is by using positive self-talk. Using phrases to make you more positive could include:

"I'm a fast and skill full player"
"I am physically fit and strong"
"Keep working hard I can win this"
"I am better than my opponent"

4. Be Physically Prepared

Being in great physical condition will have huge benefits when it comes to developing mental strength to perform.

Developing a high of physical fit will instill a confidence and a belief that you can compete at your optimum level and meet the demands of high intensity competition.

5. Respect Your Opponents - Never Underestimate Them.

You should always, always, take every opponent seriously. They want to beat you. If they didn't they wouldn't be competing.

Underestimating your opponent will bring about complacency which will lead you to cut corners in your preparation and training.

Treat them equal, and treat them as a major threat to you succeeding. This way you will be motivated and focused to train hard and prepare properly.

6. Never Overestimate Your Opponents Either.

As I mentioned in the last point you should treat your opponents as equal. Not weaker than you and certainly not stronger than you.

Ok, all your opponents are going to have varying degrees of ability, but putting some on a pinnacle of excellence will only weaken your performance and make you feel inferior and unworthy.

Focus on your strengths. Focus on what your good at. You need to stay in control and the only way to do that is to focus on yourself and what you need to do.

Your mind is one of the most important things to train when you're competing in sport. It's just as if not more important than training your body. Most matches, competitions and races are won and lost before they start. Success in sport begins with the mind.

So, one sure way of enhancing your performance so you can achieve more is to introduce mental toughness training regularly into your overall training regime.

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To excel in sport and achieve all your goals you must possess the correct mindset. You can and will accomplish so much more when you have a have an attitude of mind that expects success. Learn the secrets to unlocking the door to unlimited sporting success through mental toughness training.