H has been suffering from depression for many years. She is incapable of having a job, suffering from panic attacks, stress-related eczemas, nightmares and general apathy (just to mention a few!) Medication has brought some relief, but she dislikes the way it tends to make her feel numb even to the good in her life...

As a new year’s resolution for 2010, she agreed to try EFT and visualization exercises with me over the phone once a week. It has now been a month, and H has reported immediate peace of mind and raised energy levels during each session. The specific problems we’ve treated have not come back - these include eczema in hands, frequent nightmares and stress-related rash.

Right after the very first session, H was capable of taking small everyday initiatives, like washing the dishes, writing e-mail or taking the dogs for a long walk – which may seem like no big deal for most of us, but anyone who got near depression will understand what enormous victories these simple tasks represent!

Tonight we had our 4th session. H actually had some difficulties coming up with something to work on! We chose to start with an energy balancing exercise, since she had experienced stress-related rash and been generally restless earlier in the day. She felt more peaceful and grounded after that, enough so to accept working on the eczema that has been coming and going for more than a year on her left ankle. (It was not present today, but she had a feeling it was growing back once more…)

H being familiar with auric healing, I invited her to close her eyes, and lean down and examine her aura around the left ankle. She reported that it was thinner, and even mentioned a “hole” the size of a fist, where the eczema usually appears. We performed some EFT rounds on this hole, using mental imagery of a yellow feather she particularly fancies, fluttering around the hole and slowly filling it in… She bent down again, and told me she could feel the hole being smaller and not as deep!

As most depression patients, H is not yet capable of tapping on her own between our calls. However, each session adds a few new items to her mental “tool box”, and quite soon I am convinced she’ll find herself using them with great results, even between sessions.

The mere fact of being able to shed the veil of depression for an hour during our sessions already makes this work worthwhile!

Author's Bio: 

EFT practitionner and relaxation therapist, Maria Annell lives and works in France. With a listening ear, a helping hand and appropriate doses of humor, she helps women (and some highly evolved men) over 40 overcome depression and find their true calling. Sessions in person or over the phone in English, French or Swedish.