Summer arrives, a time for travel, enjoyment, being with friends and family. A time for romance and love. Of course we all want friends, companions, company, love. We need to feel close and connected.
We can enjoy a friendship for many years, but then often, we drift apart or the friendship alters. Conditions change and, at times, we feel forlorn. No matter how much friendship we've had, somehow it's not enough. The needy, hungry heart goes on and on.

The quote above by Rumi, however, suggests that the only reason for our journey in life, is going beyond all that, and meeting The True Friend. The true friend, can never leave, or disappoint us. It is always there for us, in all conditions, extending intimacy and support. It waits at every footstep How can we find this true friend, have such a crucial encounter?

Of course there are many answers to that question, as well as many pathways which invite a meeting such as this. Yet in Zen we say, "Only the wind can know the wind."

To know what it means to meet the true friend, become the true friend yourself. As you become a true friend to life, to others and yourself as well, the true friend will be right there.

Dwell upon having a true friend. What would that be like? Then become it yourself, live it day by day and meet the true friend wherever you go.

"Want for the other what they want for themselves,

Even if you aren't the one able to give it to them."

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Dr. Brenda Shoshanna is a long term Zen practitioner, psychologist, author, speaker and workshop leader. She offers monthly Zen talks and dialogues, along with two weekly podcasts. ZEN WISDOM FOR YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE, integrates Zen wisdom with our everyday lives,( and YOUR BEST SELF, which combines psychology and spirituality in handling relationships, family, stress, work and loss, ( Each week Brenda also provides forty minute Audio Books, which expand upon the material in the BEST SELF podcast. She can be reached at,