A famous saying goes, “When there is a will, there is a way”. For anyone to reach the pinnacle of success, it becomes of utmost importance to continue moving forward with sheer perseverance. Such is the story of the entrepreneur, the speaker, the consultant, the psychologist, and the social media influencer, James Michael Lafferty.

James was born in the US in the early 60’s! If there was one skill found innate in this man, was his ability to dream, and then carve a way to make it become a reality. He was well into sports and quite athletic from an early age in his life, which led him to become a fitness trainer.

Peek into the early life

James acquired his degree in Psychology at the University of Cincinnati back in 1985! His love for sports and athleticism coupled with his unending zeal, led him to begin as a coach for youth athletic teams in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. From this base, he then founded his first company, Vivo Fitness Services, with several doctors, and began offering fitness consulting to corporations. He was hired by Procter and Gamble as a Fitness Instructor for its executives, and parlayed this opportunity to become an executive himself!

Coaching on the bigger level

Being a coach at heart, James Michael Lafferty never strayed far from his roots despite a rapidly expanding business career. His sheer brilliance, appealing charisma, and the will to never back down led him to be the coach of the Nigerian Marathon team for the 2012 Olympics. James Lafferty also coached other teams as well as individuals in different Olympics. In fact, he coached Marestella Torres—a long jumper, and three-time Olympian. It was the courtesy of this zealous man, and of course the untiring efforts of Marestella, that the duo set a national record enroute to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016.

Another major feat James achieved in his career as a coach was the launch of “The Bull Runner Dream Marathon”. It was designed for beginners and is held each February at Manila.

Yet another arsenal

Being a coach or an entrepreneur was only parts of the highlights of James Michael Lafferty’s career! He is also a popular columnist writing award-winning columns for the leading daily, “The Philippine Star”. Lafferty also teaches at different universities including De La Salle University, Ateneo de Manila University, and University of Philippines.

Apart from spreading his knowledge and letting the newbies grow practically, James also provides his expert consultancy to companies that need it the most. Many firms from the smallest categories to the biggest multinationals from across the globe continue to benefit from the lifelong expertise of James. Some major names may include Microsoft, Newell Rubbermaid, LOreal, HP, Nestle, General Electric, and so many more!

Crafting his way to success was not an easy path for James Michael Lafferty. He had to make up his own set of rules to follow, and stick to the always-strengthening arsenal of knowledge and experience he gathered through. He has trained Olympians, won medals in national competition, run marathons, coached students, worked as a CEO for Procter & Gamble, British American Tobacco Philippines, Coca-Cola, and Fine Hygienic Holding! James currently lives in Dubai with his wife Caroline Lafferty.

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