You are unique. As such, learning meditation techniques specific for you is vital to continue your spiritual healing journey. Here is a simple acronym to help you D-E-S-I-G-N your meditation techniques and get the most from your spiritual practice.

Daily Meditation

Regular and daily meditation practice is a key meditation technique. Practice makes progress. An effect develops through building on your previous meditations, improving the quality of life. I even encourage you to schedule it into your daily routine. This one step alone will give you the most benefits of meditation. This could be a simple 10-minute meditation or something longer. The idea is to have a regular daily meditation practice with meditation techniques that work for you.

Once you start to get the hang of meditating, you realize it really works! But everything seems to want to distract and pull you away from your daily meditation practice. This is why this meditation technique is so vital.

Easy Meditation Techniques

Take it easy on yourself. Often when people start meditation, they try too hard. They then let go of the whole process, thinking meditation is hard and only works for others. Keep it easy going and relaxing. That is probably one of the reasons why you wanted to take up meditation in the first place.

Remember, trying too hard takes away from your meditation experience. If you are taking the stress of the day with you throughout the practice, it will diminish the benefits of meditation. If all you can do when beginning meditation is sit still, relax and chill out, then that is a wonderful start. It is leaps and bounds ahead of where others begin meditation.

Simple Meditation Techniques

Keep it simple. Define which benefits from meditating regularly you want. Is it to relax, is it for personal development and improvement and/or to deepen your connection with the universe? Once you are clear on this, you will be able to discover what types of meditation techniques will serve your intention.

Honestly, you could practice any style of meditation and hold an intention for the particular benefits of meditation you would like, and it will unfold. Just hold an intention. That is the simplest form of meditation and works wonderfully. It is that simple.

Inner World Meditation

This is the nuts and bolts of the meditation techniques you use. When I first starting meditating at the age of 17, I had no tools and no concepts, beyond relaxation techniques and chilling out. So I started meditating and created my own tools. I later discovered a meditation practice that actually taught a couple of my self-created meditation tools. That was really cool. You can check out this free meditation, if you are interested.

As far as the decision for this, you are going to want to decide whether you want a passive or active meditation practice. As a rule of thumb, eastern meditation is passive and western meditation is active. However, western meditation practices are harder to find.
I teach meditation for active minds.

If you have an active mind and want to learn how to use that effectively. I recommend the New Beginnings guided meditation course or working with me to design your life. People who benefit greatly from this guided meditation are those who carry a lot of responsibility such as business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and parents.

Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude and appreciation will most likely become an instrumental meditation technique for your spiritual journey. As you gain increasingly deeper spiritual insights of yourself, you will discover more in the world around you. Others’ emotions and yours, the world’s challenges, both locally and globally, will highlight personal development challenges. Gratitude and appreciation will support you in generating meaning out of these potential stresses and challenges. Doing so from appreciation will actually add a lot of value to your life.

Next Steps

Keeping it alive. What is the next step? Just as it is important to maintain a sense of presence, it is important to be clear on the direction you are going. For example, enlightenment is a spiritual journey, not a destination. This illustration is to make a point. People stress about where they are going and if they are going to get there. Be there, in the journey, and allow your spiritual healing to unfold.

Interested in working with me? Check out my design your life programs. Get in touch if you want to take your spiritual healing to the next level.

As a last note on meditation techniques, keep it simple, easy and alive. Design your meditation practice in the way that makes the most sense to you. This will help your spiritual journey, deep into the oceans of inner peace and wisdom.

Learning How to Meditate Properly

Meditation is an amazing tool. You can learn to be more relaxed, promote healing and gain deeper self-awareness. Because of that you can release major personal blocks and even connect with higher spiritual dimensions. Meditation is a truly remarkable process that allows for you to make healthy and healing choices for an optimal life. So learning how to meditate properly, is worth your investment.

You will want to try some freebies. Here is a free mediation at The Peace Compass Academy. After you have tried a few and find one that resonates for you, check to see if there is a comprehensive guided meditation course offered. If so, then continue your spiritual practice, if not see what is recommended as a next step.

This is my personal recommendation for guided meditation. I think it is a fantastic course for both beginners and advanced students alike. Each class, I walk you through step-by-step how to give yourself the best meditation. If you are in the Edmonton Canada area, I recommend my local Meditation Edmonton course.

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