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Here are some inexplicable medical mysteries you will NOT believe! Some of these stories prove there is much more to the human body than we know. Medical Daily once yearly publishes a list of medical mysteries. Here are some of their top stories so curl up with them on this dark, rainy night shortly before Halloween. Cheers!

The strange case of a woman with a missing cerebellum:

Back in 2014, it was normal procedure for doctors to perform a CAT scan on a 24 year old woman in China after she was admitted to the hospital complaining of dizziness and nausea. In her history, she reported to her doctors that she had been unable to speak intelligibly until age 6 and unable to stand until age 4. She had suffered lifelong balance issues.

Despite these few issues, the woman married and had a daughter. She functioned completely normally for years. Imagine the doctors surprise when her CAT scan revealed she was missing her entire

The boy who lost his appetite:

A 12 year old boy suddenly woke up without an appetite or thirst. Now, his parents have to force feed him to keep him alive. Since this occurred in 2013, he has lost 40#s. Though his sense of smell and taste are normal, no sensations stimulate any appetite or desire to eat or drink anything.

No medical cause has ever been found.

The Case of the Woman with no pulse:

A 40 year old mother in Fla who underwent a routine cesarean lost her pulse for a full 45 minutes.

This occurred because fluid from the amniotic sac entered her bloodstream and created a vacuum in her heart completely stopping her heart and lung function. After she was revived, the lack of blood flow to her brain had caused no neurological damage.

After waking up from a weeklong coma after a car crash, an Australian man lost some of his English speaking abilities but is now able to speak fluent Mandarin. This was discovered in the hospital where he recovered after he engaged with a Mandarin speaking nurse.

The case of the strange epidemic:

200 young girls in Columbia entered the nearest hospital complaining of nausea, abdominal pain and numbness in their hands. Researchers were baffled by the synchronicity of this event and it was chalked up to mass hysteria when it was learned that the village had been introduced to the HPV vaccination.

Happy Halloween!

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