Radiology in Pakistan is improving, there was a time, when Pakistan did not have good radiology facilities, and patients suffered a lot due to undiagnosed diseases, particularly cancer patients and people who have severe musculoskeletal issues, the lack of facilities tied the hands of the best orthopedic surgeon as well, as he could not diagnose the minute injuries occurred because of some accident and hence the patient has to bear a lot of pain. With the advancements in technology, there is an evident improvement in medical diagnostic facilities, undertaken around the world and in Pakistan.

MASH is making wonders in southern Punjab

Today, almost every hospital is well equipped with the best machinery to undergo all the available techniques present of radiology in Pakistan. There are many big hospitals which are catering throughout the country, Southern Punjab was somehow lacking with a tertiary health care unit, but not anymore. Mukhtar A. Shaikh hospital commonly also known as MASH, is the tertiary health care unit recently established in the city of saints, Multan. The hospital consists of 3000 beds providing the best medical facilities complying with international practices.

The hospital has the best doctors practicing over

The hospital has specialized departments each dealing with a particular issue, just like any big hospital, and it assures that the best doctors are serving here. In MASH, you would find the best gynecologist, the best orthopedic surgeon, the best oncologist, the best nephrologist and every other best in hid field doctor.

best hospital in Pakistan
Enhancing the living standards of the people of Southern Punjab

The hospital is striving to fulfill its aim, and that is to uplift the living standards of locals in Multan and suburbs, and the way MASH is operating it is not much far from achieving its goal. It has all the radiology facilities available, be it X-ray, ultra sound, MRI or CT scan, all these practices are done here, by well versed and experienced technicians. Now the unfortunate cancer patients or somebody who is suffering with arthritis and are prescribed a CT scan by the orthopedic surgeon, or an expecting women, who had to get her ultrasound done, everyone can get their treatment from this hospital under one roof.

The best gynecology hospital

MASH has certainly uplifted the condition of women in the vicinity by having the gynecology department so well equipped with advanced facilities, that it can be called as full-fledged gynecology hospital, run under the supervision of the best gynecologist. According to a study, there is an evident down fall in the death rate of women and young infants while giving birth to the babies and this has been a massive achievement of the hospital in such short time span.

MASH is actively working to bring reforms

MASH is not only providing their patients with the best medical facilities but it is creating awareness among locals by educating them various things such as, the natives before preferred to call a midwife at their home rather taking their women for a checkup by the best gynecologist, MASH told them that consulting a learned doctor is better for their health. The hospital also runs a clinic with the name of spring clinic, which is solely devoted to facilitate people with mental issues like anxiety and depression, it is a hope for all the patients who formerly suffered in silence, as it is considered as a taboo to have medical aid for such issues. MASH is thriving to provide best medical facilities in the town and be the best hospital in Pakistan, and the time is not far.

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