Hours away from Superbowl XLVIII, I could feel hubby’s snoozing vibrations. While Gianna joined her friends for basketball practice, our youngest Benjamin tossed the football, and Ian settled in for some screen time with a new video game.

I parked myself on the recliner, laptop on my thighs. I blasted through emails and completed other loose ends.

Before my rear touched the leather, my oldest son uncharacteristically requested privacy to play his video game.

A red flag arouse.

I told him I would be busy with my work and not notice him.
Out of the corner of my eye fixed on Ian, I observed an innocent-looking car scene.

A few minutes later moving my eyes from my screen to his I noticed an armed video game character Ian crafted for himself staking out a convenience store. Immediately, I recognized this game from what a client had described – Grand Theft auto, where you steal cars, rob and kill people.

I asked Ian if he was playing Grand Theft Auto and where he got it. He was shocked I had a clue, as he snookered dad into taking him to the store the night before to purchase it. He was busted. I had him remove the video game immediately.
I was thankful for the pricking of his conscience to know the video game was not one mothers would approve. He spent significant time writing sentences around the theme of appropriate and inappropriate video games.

Media consumption habits can have lasting negative effects on your kids: screwed up ideas about gender, worldly attitudes and behaviors, and poor self image trying to live up to unhealthy role models and expectations.

But inadequate media consumption in your business can have negative effects, too: becoming dull, stagnant, and out of fresh ideas and strategies. Reading and watching the wrong stuff, not well suited to where you and your business are today, can be at the least time wasters and at the worse advice that takes you and your business in the wrong direction.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
I don’t subscribe to the Caveman Catholic theory of keeping your kids and yourself away from media. Good things exist in media.

The right media strategy teaches your kids healthy socialization in a modern world. Accessing quality films and programs uplifts the family.

Without fresh injection of positivity and new perspectives you and your business can become flat, sometimes leading to discouragement. Exposure to film, programs, blogs, and articles expands your mind and your world.

But, in a world of information overload, stimulation leads to feeling overwhelmed and inadequate.

Uncovering Buried Treasure
Finding quality, but not as easily accessed information, is the trick—and it takes work. Here are questions for the best media choices:
1. What is the purpose of the media?
For your family or your business?
For entertainment or recreation?
Is the media consumption to gain knowledge or a different perspective?
2. What are the possible sources of the media you are looking for?
Your parish library?
The public library?
On-line sources?
Cable channels?
3. What steps do you need to take to access the media?
Use your DVR to record quality programs?
Subscribe or unsubscribe to on-line blogs?
Take a trip to the library or bookstore?
Explore the media options on your Kindle, Nook, or ipad?

Take 15 minutes to determine what, why, where, and how you will access and consume quality media for your family and your business.

What you put in your mind and soul—and those of your children—whether it be for recreation or business knowledge can be life changing. Through thoughtful media planning you invest in your business and family foundation.

Catholic Mompreneur’s Biz and Life Tips: Create your media plan today by listing what kind of media you will consume at work and with your family over the next month and where you will get it.

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