Medbarrier is name of the brand which manufactures surgical facemask and KN95 facemask for you. In the time of pandemic when it has become obligatory to cover your face with either a surgical facemask or KN95 facemask. The demand of these facemasks increased in the market, as everyone has to cover his face to keep himself safe, in such scenario multiple companies came upfront and manufactured facemask and provided them in the market fulfilling the need of the these surgical facemask. In the process of doing this, the quality of the facemask suffered somehow. These companies made two layered surgical facemasks, which did provide some sort of protection from germs but still a mask made of three layers provides better protection.

What is the difference between a two layer facemask and a three layered facemask?

Medbarrier is the company which makes three layered surgical facemask that provides you with ultimate protection. What is the major difference between a two layered mask and a three layered mask? To completely understand this you need to know, what these masks are made of. The two layered surgical facemask are made of two layers of Spunbond fabric, and that’s all, whereas the three layered surgical facemask is made of three layers, the two of those layers are the same Spunbond layers but the third layer, which comes in the middle of these two layers is made of Metlblown fabric. This Meltblown layer is actually the filtration layer, which filters all the germs, viruses and bacteria to reach to your lungs. As the surgical facemask made of two layers don’t have this third filtration layer, thus it doesn’t fully filter the germs, and in pandemic there should be no compromise on your health and safety.

Taking precautions and following SOPs is the key

Medbarrier ensures that their surgical face mask are made of three layers whereas KN95 face mask are made of three five layers in a hygienic environment. The company’s motto is to provide ultimate protection to the people from germs especially to break the chain of corona virus, and that is only possible by taking precautions and following SOPs. The government is also implementing lockdown again as the third wave is more aggressive than both the others before. The administration has played a vital role for stopping the spread of virus by timely and strict implementation of SOPs in the country, if we keep on practicing the same, then we soon be corona free.

Exclusive range for kids takes away parents’ worries

Medbarrier extends its product range by exclusively designing facemasks for kids. Facemasks for young ones was a much needed thing which the market was lacking. The children had to wear big masks on their little noses and had to adjust them by twirling the ear loops and wrapping them around their ears, to make them sit properly on their nose, which was a tough thing to do. These loosely fitted surgical facemask didn’t provide full protection to the kids which justifies the worries of parents sending their kids to schools. Medbarrier took away all these worries and gave them the sigh of relief. Medbarrier promises clean and easy breath to you all. You can also order face mask online by visiting their website or Instagram handle, stay home and stay safe.

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