Medbarrier is one company which manufactures quality surgical face mask and KN95 face mask in extreme hygienic environment. As we all know that following SOPs is the only way, by which we can keep ourselves safe from catching infection. By now, we all are much aware of SOPs we need to follow, maintain social distance, staying sanitized by washing your hands every half an hour or so and covering your face, with either a surgical face mask or a KN95 face mask. This increase in demand lead to shortage of face mask in the market, thus many companies jumped in and manufactured these surgical face mask and made them available in the market at the earliest.

The surgical face mask made of two layers only doesn’t provide ultimate protection

The increased demands of surgical face mask were met, but most of them were two layered surgical face mask. A two layered surgical face mask has only two layers of spun bond fabric and nothing else. Well a spun bond fabric is a light weight, breezy and easy to breathe fabric used to manufacture most of the surgical face, but this fabric cannot act as a filtration layer, thus masks made of only these two layers are not recommended. A three layered surgical face mask is better.

What makes a three layered surgical face mask better?

Well, a three layered surgical face mask is better than a two layered one, because it has a third layer of melt blown fabric. A three layered surgical face mask also has two layers of spun bond fabric but in addition to them, a third layer of melt blown fabric is sandwiched between both these layers. Melt blown does all the work as it is the filtration layer. It filters all the germs and keep them away from you. This was about surgical face mask, there is another mask available in market which provides extreme protection from germs, the fiver layered KN95 face mask.
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What does a KN95 face mask made of?

A KN95 face mask is made of five layers. It has two layers of fluid resistant non-woven fabric, which are the most outer layers, then it has two layers of hot air cotton and then in the middle of all these four layers lies melt blown fabric layer. More the layers better the protection. A KN95 face mask is mostly used in the places which are hub for the spread of this relentless virus, mostly used by doctors, paramedical staff, and attendants who directly get in touch with affected patients. KN95 face mask are washable and can be used multiple times.

Merdbarrier promises to provide protection for everyone

Medbarrier has an exclusive range of surgical face mask especially for kids. This has relieved parents the most, earlier they had to twirl the ear loops and wrap them around the kid’s ear so the mask could fit on their little noses. The ill fitted mask risked their safety as well. But with Medbarrier’s kids range, every child will be safe. Medbarrier surgical face mask is available in multiple colors, you can have these face mask online by visiting their website, Facebook and Instagram handle.

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