Mask! The veil which protects us to get infected by all the germs and keeps all the pollutants away from you, present in the environment we breathe in. A mask is a blessing in disguise. Most of the people consider it as a problem, because they may not like to cover their faces, some have issues with the stiff ear loops and few complain about the fog which gathers inside the mask or on the glasses they are wearing, and others have problems that their mask doesn’t match with the dress color they are wearing, so they will remove it from their face.

How to choose the right surgical facemask

Well, the actual problem for them is that they are making bad decisions in choosing the surgical facemask or KN95 facemasks. As the situation triggered the high demands of surgical facemask in the market, we get to see multiple kinds of surgical facemask(s) and most of them are unable to provide good quality although they do give some sort of protection from germs, whereas the prices of all surgical facemask are almost the same.

Medbarrier is the company which manufactures the best surgical facemask, giving attention to all the aspects, that why someone would avoid wearing mask.

Medbarrier is using three layered technology to manufacture surgical facemask

Medbarrier is a trusted brand which is providing surgical facemask made of three layered technology. Most of the surgical facemask available in the market are made of two layers. These are the times where compromising on safety wouldn’t be a good idea. Medbarrier surgical facemask has three layers, the first and the third layers are Spunbond whereas the middle layer is Meltblown layer, which actually works as filter, hence giving you the ultimate protection from all sorts of viruses and bacteria.

surgical face mask

Medbarrier surgical facemask has soft nylon ear loops which works easy on your ears

Medbarrier keeps the comfort of the user in mind, while manufacturing the surgical facemask .It is given proper attention to the fact that the user’s ears shouldn’t be hurt, hence very soft nylon ear loops are attached to the mask, so that the person who wears it doesn’t get stretch marks or it doesn’t hurt him.

Medbarrier surgical facemask has a nose pin which perfectly sits on the nose

The surgical facemask has specialized nose pin, which makes the surgical facemask to sit perfectly on the nose, hence trapping the breathe inside the mask and no fog could gather on the glasses if you are wearing any.

Medbarrier comes in multiple colors

Medbarrier offers the range of its surgical facemask in six to seven colors. Now if you have to wear mask on a wedding or any event, you can wear it matching to your dress. Medbarrier believes in safety with style and comfort.

Exclusive kids range

Medbarrier has introduced its special range of surgical facemask and KN95 facemasks exclusively for kids, now you don’t have to stress about your child’s safety while sending him to school. It perfectly fits on his little nose.
You can order these facemask online from their website or by visiting their social media outlet.

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