Mayumi Tanaka belongs to Tokyo, the capital of Japan, and is a popular and mature Japanese narrator and a voiceover actress by profession. She has a protean voice range. She used her skillful voice range in characters for Japanese TV serials, Anime, and even video games. One Piece is an anime series with an anime named Monkey D. Luffy, and Mayumi Tanaka played as a luffy voice actor. The role of Luffy as a pirate and as the leader of Straw Hat Pirates was popular because of the falsetto, dynamic, and energized voice. Mayumi Tanaka did justice with the type of character by providing her unique vocals as a luffy voice actor. When it comes to the English dubbing of the character Luffy, Colleen Clinkenbeard gave a phenomenal voice as Luffy's voice actor and did justice with her Job too. The way Mayumi Tanaka and Colleen Clinkerbeard understood the nature of Luffy as a careless and easy-to-go person, the effect she made over voice acting turned out too beneficial for the series One Piece.

It was heard from many media sources that Maymi Tanaka as a voice actor for Luffy, would be leaving the voiceover industry. But soon, this rumor turned out to be true. Mayumi Tanaka officially announced that she is ending up her career as a narrator and voice actor for Luffy and is giving retirement. Her devotion, enthusiasm and hard work toward voicing captured the love of the audience. She will always be remembered for her different pitches for a voice actor for Luffy.

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