By creating the right environment, you can make workouts at home fun and rewarding while enjoying all the benefits of having your own personal gym.

Everyone agrees that exercising and taking care of our health is important. It makes us feel better, look better, increases self-esteem, improves our mood, and relieves stress. However, despite all these benefits, busy schedules and a long list of valid excuses often keep us from making the trip to the gym and sticking to a fitness program. Good intentions quickly die and we find ourselves back in the same rut, never finding the time or motivation to make an ongoing lifestyle change.

Well, if you have a garage, basement, or even an extra corner of a room in your home, you can build your own custom gym that will make it easier to commit to a plan and design a program that works for you. Although it initially involves some cost and work, the benefits of having a home gym are definitely worth the investment.

1. You will save money. Yes, you do have to buy equipment, but each piece is a one time investment rather than the ongoing costs of expensive gym memberships. And, you will not be paying gas or transportation costs to travel to and from the gym.

2. You will save time. When you go to a gym, you not only have to consider your workout period but also the travel time involved, which depending on how far away you live, could make the difference between you deciding to make the trip or stay home. Having your own personal gym in your home means staying in shape will take less time and exercising will be easier to fit into a busy lifestyle.

3. Convenience. Having a home gym means that you can workout at your own convenience. No more coordinating gym schedules or class times, no more waiting for equipment, and no more excuses for not taking care of your health.

4. Privacy. Many people feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about exercising in a public setting. With a home gym you don't have to worry about how you look but can move at your own pace without feeling pressured by those who seem to be in better shape. No one is watching and no one is judging your performance, so you can relax and enjoy the progress you make without becoming discouraged.

5. Consistency. With workouts at home, it is easier to stay on track. A 30 minute break in your schedule may not be enough time to go to the gym, but you could take a few moments to exercise in the comfort of your own home. Convenience and less demand on your time will help you stay motivated and consistent.

Now, if you are convinced that workouts at home are a great option, the next step is designing a gym that you will enjoy using. Although it should be set up to your personal taste and preferences, there are a few things that every good workout room should have.

1. Sound system and television. Although a good audio visual system seems like a big expense, it will make you feel like you are taking classes in a real gym. Whether you are listening to music while on the exercise bike, watching a funny movie while on the treadmill, or working out to your favorite DVD, quality sound will make your time in the gym much more enjoyable.

2. Mats. The amount of open space you need will depend on the programs you prefer, but it is important to make sure that you have enough room to workout safely and effectively. Any floor exercises should be completed on mats to protect your body, particularly your back. Find the best mats for your activities, and try not to compromise quality if you want to prevent injury.

3. Decide on equipment. Whether dumbells, chin up bars, elliptical trainers, or weight machines, having the right equipment for your program is important. Of course, you can always add as your needs change, but it is important that your equipment is easy to use and readily accessible.

4. Create a storage area. Purchasing equipment is a large investment so you want to make sure it stays in good shape by taking care of it properly. Also, having storage shelves and boxes will help keep your workout area neat and organized, making it easier to exercise and equipment less difficult to find.

Exercising can be easy and fun if you have an environment that is convenient and comfortable. So, begin setting up your own custom gym and start enjoying all the benefits of working out at home.

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