Work life balance is an issue for many people, as indeed is stress, unless you are part of a tiny group of the population that have a pretty easy going life with little stress. Many have jobs that are meant to be 9 to 5 though in reality are more like 7 to 8, and I mean 13 hours rather than just 1! So when you work hard and do long hours how do you go about getting rid of stress and balancing off your life? Well meditation is an incredibly good way to bring an element of balance back and reduce stress.

Certainly I have mentioned the importance of setting up a special meditation space when you can retreat to at home or wherever, the reality of creating one of those in the workplace, unless your employer is very progressive is incredibly challenging. So what you can do is just find a quite spot outside, or close the door during lunch or break time if you have your own office, or anywhere you can tune everything out. I do actually know someone who would meditate at their desk for 10 minutes a couple of times a day in an open plan office, all they had to do was focus on the meditation and shut everything else out, most people thought he was just studying his PC screen intently!

When you do decide to take a little time to meditate during working hours, as a break that is, you will find that your whole demeanour during the day along with your ability to focus and concentrate shifts. When it does so your productivity and the quality of work improves as well, alongside your level of enjoyment you get from work. Plus with these things shifting you create an improved atmosphere around you, your colleagues will relax a certain amount over time as you get a routine of it, whilst your boss is likely to congratulate and thank you for the shift you have achieved.

In order to meditate at work you are going to be best off using either a short guided meditation or a silent meditation. With a silent meditation which I recommend, just pick out a small spot in front of you that you can focus on, like the candle meditation that you may have seen my tutorial for, then focus your entire attention on that spot. Each time you have a thought come into your head acknowledge that thought and then cast it into your point of focus and allow it to disappear into the universe leaving your head clear and in peace. With time and practice this becomes a lot easier and all the sounds around you will just disappear during your meditation, the more you practice the more your stress reduces and disappears and the more calming your meditation becomes.

Meditating during breaks at work also provides you with a diverse change from your work, allowing your mind to reset and refresh which is what helps to reduce your stress and thus feel calmer and more composed. By practicing meditation in this way you can also master meditation more quickly due to practicing frequently, thus taking you to deeper levels of meditation and bringing greater calm into your life and the lives of those around you. It really is uncanny the effect that meditation has in the workplace, especially in what have been stressful offices, a calmer air comes through bringing greater productivity and clearer communication.

So take time and think with care about how you can bring meditation to your workplace, if you are able to meditate at your desk or elsewhere within your workplace I urge you to do so, you may well find others wishing to join you when they notice the effects on you! Wherever you are I wish you wonderful meditations, Namaste!

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